Justin Bieber secretly married Haley Baldwin

Their engagement did not last a month.

This summer in Hollywood turned out to be really hot! Only in mid-July, we wrote that Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin were engaged, with all the details of what happened, as the couple had already got married!

This was reported by a source close to the couple, as well as on the ring finger of Hayley, in addition to the engagement ring, a ring very similar to a wedding one was noticed. Here is the proof of the wedding!

Haley is now behind Justin as if behind a stone wall
Photo: Legion-media.ru

Most likely, the lovers just secretly signed for now, and they will arrange a magnificent wedding with hundreds of guests later when everything is ready for this, otherwise the paparazzi would have pleased us with pictures from the very celebration too. Or maybe there will be no party: Justin has lately become somewhat self-absorbed, has become pious and attends church more often than nightclubs. Fans explain this by saying that the boy is tired of popularity and hype.

The other day, Bieber posted the first "adult" photo from Baldwin, where they kiss. Hints that they got married and now you can?
Photo: @justinbieber

But recently, Bieber tried to rebuild relations with Selena Gomez. They were seen together several times in public places, and, according to eyewitnesses, the artists did not behave like friends. The reaction of Gomez to the wedding is still unknown: she has not yet read our news, but her ex, we note, went down the aisle with a tattoo in her honor.