Journal: what to read?

Magazine is a periodical illustrated publication designed for a specific audience. There are various kinds of magazines: scientific, women's, men's, children's, literary publications, as well as magazines designed for professionals. The choice is large enough, so it is not difficult to choose a magazine. What to read is up to you. It should be noted that today it is quite difficult to find good magazines for sale, because circulations are sold out quickly. In this case, there is a great solution - you can read magazines online. Virtually every major edition, in parallel with the print edition, also publishes an electronic version of its journal.

Women's and youth magazines

If you like to read women's magazines, then you should definitely find out the rating of the most famous magazines in this category.

  • Cosmopolitan. Undoubtedly, this is the most popular magazine among young girls and mature women. It covers issues of beauty, fashion, psychology, the relationship between a man and a woman, parenting. This magazine is focused only on Russian realities.
  • Beautytime. In this magazine you can find a variety of information on topics such as: sports, style, psychology, health, tourism, flowers, children. Beautytime Magazine is suitable for both young and older generations.
  • 4woman. This is a daily edition for women and family. It contains recommendations of doctors, cosmetologists, nutritionists, as well as the latest fashion news and a variety of culinary recipes.
  • Shape. A truly interesting magazine for active young girls and women. �Shape� can be called a practical guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Oh. Women's magazine "Ah" attracts not only the representatives of the weaker sex, but also the male part of the audience. It covers issues of parenting, work, entertainment, vacation.
  • Ameno. This is a women's online magazine covering issues of beauty, style, women's health and interesting leisure activities.
  • Blackberry. Very interesting magazine, both for youth, and for female audience. Here you can find answers to various questions in the field of psychology, learn how to properly care for your body, as well as improve your skills in the field of cooking.
  • Dina. This women's magazine is especially useful for the younger generation of people. In it you can find various psychological tests and articles on the psychology of the relationship between people.
  • Newsweek.This magazine attracts the attention of both adult readers and youth. It describes the burning issues that have occurred in the world in recent days. This magazine can be called a quality newsletter.
  • 7 days. Read the magazine "7 days" can absolutely all age categories of readers who are fans of show business. On the pages of this magazine you can find true stories from the lives of theater and cinema stars, pop and entertainment industry.
  • Women Health. A very popular women's magazine for all ages focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Woman. In this magazine you can find answers to questions on manicure, hairstyle, fashion, perfumery, jewelry, makeup and horoscope. In short, everything to be stylish and modern.

It should be noted that you can read all the above journals for free by going to their page on the Internet. If you find, of course.

Men's magazines

  • Bear. This is the first glossy male edition. It is focused on smart, wealthy and serious men aged 35-55 years. It publishes articles on topics such as: sports, business, fashion, health, cars.
  • Esquire. The readers of this magazine are smart, discerning men who appreciate style in fashion and literature.
  • Penguin. The magazine is a kind of male version of the magazine "Caravan of stories." Publications here are entertaining and educational in nature, and the target audience consists of men from 25 to 45 years.
  • Behind the wheel. Read the magazine Behind the wheel will be interesting to all car lovers. Here you can find all sorts of tips to motorists, learn about new equipment and innovative technologies.