Jennifer Lawrence walks down the street in pajamas and slippers

Lack of makeup and messy hair complemented the picture.

With a personal life at the 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence does not add up. For a couple of years, the American actress met with her partner in the film "X-Men" Nicholas Holt. Then after a long break, start a relationship with director Darren Aronofsky. But the novel was not long with him either, the couple met just over a year.

Jennifer has no children either. Therefore, all the love the actress spends on the dog Pippi, who adores her mistress in any form. Even shaggy and in crumpled pajamas - such on the eve of the Hollywood actress saw the simple inhabitants of New York.

Photo: Legion Media
Photo: Legion Media
Photo: Legion Media

Forgetting about star status, Lawrence walked around the street without makeup, with disheveled hair and slippers. A favorite Pippa ran nearby. When the dog did all her work, the Oscar-winning actress took out a paper bag from her pocket and put it behind her pet without a bit of embarrassment - a great example for dog breeders.

Pippa - the eternal companion of the actress. Lawrence carries a dog everywhere, takes her on working trips and on vacation.Fortunately pet sizes allow.

Jennifer treats her dog so carefully that one day she even hit one of the journalists who tried to stroke Pippa. It was at the airport in Los Angeles. The actress walked to the car, driving Pippa on a leash. When the dog reached out to one of the paparazzi, he decided to stroke Pippa in response. But it was not there: an enraged actress sent the photographer far away and hid in the car in an embrace with her pet.