Jamal was not entrusted to open Eurovision -2017

Not only was the singer banned from appearing on the red carpet, she was still not allowed to perform a song as a winner of the contest.

Another Ukrainian singer, Dmytro Monatik, who performed his famous hit “Circling” in English, won the honor of opening the song contest.

The Eurovision organizers tried to smooth over the conflict situation, arguing that, despite the fact that Monatik has nothing to do with the competition, he is one of the promising stars of Ukrainian music and now, at the peak of its popularity, it was he who like no other suitable for such an honorable and important mission. A strange wording, but still the opening of the song “Spinning” took place.

May 10 2017 at 1:26 PDT

However, Jamal still appeared on the scene. And even twice. True, her first appearance came in the period of advertising, when only spectators in the hall could see her performance. The second release took place already in the final, Jamal sang the song "Lured".Both performances were very warmly welcomed by the fans.

PR director of the actress Denis Kozlovsky told"Komsomolskaya Pravda"that Jamala was supposed to open the contest initially. But in March of this year, the show producer of Eurovision changed, and soon a different decision was announced - Jamal would not speak at the opening.

We remind you that on May 9, the first semi-final of the competition was held, in which the first finalists were determined - Robin Bengtsson from Sweden, Salvador Sobral from Portugal, Moldovan group Sunstroke Project, Azerbaijani singer Dijazh, as well as representatives from Greece, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Belgium and Cyprus. The second semi-final will be held on May 11, which will determine the final participants of the competition.