Is it possible to get pregnant from water?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 24, 2012

When a woman begins an unexpected delay in menstruation, about which she is just not ready to think that she will not remember what thoughts only in her head will not come, and everything seems so possible and possible! A pregnancy test shows a negative result, but it is known that the test may lie. And instead of going to the doctor, the woman continues to torment herself with guesses. How and where could this happen? Am I pregnant?

One of these common and groundless fears: can you get pregnant from water? For example, is it possible to “fly into” after swimming in the bathroom or in the pool, if before that the sperm of a man got into the water?

With full confidence we answer that it is impossible to get pregnant in water.

  • Spermatozoa do not possess such vitality in order to survive for a long time in an unfavorable environment for them - in water. They survive only in the reproductive system of women, there is a favorable environment for them. In addition, in the water, spermatozoa lose their mobility.
  • Sperm is diluted with water, and the concentration of sperm per milliliter of water tends to zero.
  • How should a woman swim in a pool so that spermatozoa get into the vagina? Frankly, it is difficult to imagine such a picture: having widely spread legs, parted lips and vaginal walls, and you need to manage to pour water into the vagina without assistive devices!

Delayed menstruation and cycle disturbances can be associated with taking emergency oral contraceptives (for example, “Postinor”), illness, immunity, stress, feelings, and many other reasons. If you still think that you can become pregnant in water, you doubt the effectiveness of contraceptives, go to an extraordinary appointment with a gynecologist and develop your doubts.