Introvert - who is it?

In articles on psychology, such concepts as introversion / extraversion are often encountered. Let's take a look at what an introvert is - let's give a general definition of the concept and tell you what the main features of people with such quality are, and also talk about the pros and cons of introversion and how you can adjust the minuses.

Introvert - who is this

In contrast to extroverts, the energy of introverts is directed primarily at their own inner world. Note - this is not egoism in the ordinary sense of the word, but self-sufficiency. This is the main positive quality of introverts - they, like anyone, are able to content themselves with society and accumulate strength for any activity. Explicit introverts practically do not need to communicate, and in understanding of extroverts they are absolutely closed and unsociable people. This, of course, is not always the case, just if an extrovert needs to communicate every day and in large quantities, then an introvert needs to see friends once a month, once every six months, or even once a year, and at the same time he will feel fine. And introverts are able to perfectly focus on the performance of any work.The fact that the extrovert will not have enough heat and patience, the introvert will perform with ease, even if it takes years to work. In a way, introversion and extraversion can be called temperament variations. These concepts have replaced the already outdated and rather ancient division of people into four types of temperament (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic) and although they do not always replace them by 100%, they are nevertheless quite promising. But back to introverts. We discussed the strengths of introversion, and now let's consider the weak and their possible correction.

Is it good to be an introvert

The absence of the need for communication and external activities is good, but only on condition that a person lives in such a state of comfort. And what if not? After all, this also happens quite often. Then you need to gradually add extraversion to your character, strengthen it, so to speak. If you started some work, you need to do so that it has some practical value, benefiting you and others. Sometimes an introvert just needs to force itself to work on the result.Another disadvantage of explicit introverts is that it is sometimes quite difficult for them to make a new acquaintance, or even maintain an old one. In this case, you can recommend to start small: if this is a child, arrange it so that he communicates with his peers more, because then he will have to arrange his own life. Adults can be advised to get out of the house - at least sometimes, or if they like to travel, do it not alone, but with someone. In a word, an introvert needs to learn to pay more attention to the world and to surrounding people, and to do so that its work brings tangible benefits - at least to itself.