Interesting romantic films about love (25 films)

A lot of time has passed since the first movie was presented to the public. Since then, a lot of metamorphosis has taken place all over the world. Naturally, this was reflected in the pictures, which were filmed by the directors and watched by the audience. Many films were associated with politics, war, suffering, adventure, death.

But at all times there was a topic that the directors considered it their duty to uncover. It was love. The best romantic films about love can be watched more than once, and all because of the fact that they have a piece of each of us.

In romantic films there is sincerity and this is the greatest difference from other genres of cinema. Critical critics can say that all the films about love are the same. However, if you look closely, it is not.

It will not be difficult to guess that the center of romantic cinema deals with the relationship of two people in love with each other. In the center of the film about love bright emotional experiences and passions,that can only occur between a strong guy and a soulful woman (this is if you prefer a traditional movie).

Why do girls like to watch them?

Yes, girls are really more sentimental than the strong half of humanity. Women like to watch the beautiful. And love is always beautiful and amazing.

Especially in recent times, girls began to more often reconsider romantic pictures of love. This is due to the fact that the world has changed. And apparently not for the better.

In men, gentlemanly qualities are constantly dying out, there are fewer knights, and this is a deplorable fact. Do not blame this on only men, women are to blame no less. It is not difficult for us to refuse the guy, and then for hours to complain about loneliness.

Girls watch a romantic movie just because in real life they are sorely lacking all those emotions. Watching beautiful love stories, every woman's heart believes that a similar story is bound to happen in her life. Belief in fabulous love is the most important thing, constantly reviewing romantic films to not forget where the real world is and where the cinema is.

The best pictures

Nor does the year pass, as dozens of pictures about high feelings are presented to the viewers. Thanks to worldwide communication, it’s not difficult to watch films that are produced in different parts of the world. Therefore, we can watch and enjoy these pictures.

Unfortunately, in modern cinema, you can watch a lot of films, but to mark and remember only a few. Not every modern picture can pass the test of time and get the well-deserved title of the best love movie.

In order for a picture to be called the best film about love, it is not enough to just show flirting and sex in it. It must be something more. That will be close to everyone, regardless of age. Only a film with real experiences can be remembered by a person for life.

Love has always been interesting to man, for someone it is the meaning of life, but for others it is an unattainable dream. We like to watch films about love because there is something mysterious and alluring in this feeling.

Perhaps no other feeling can cause the same riot of emotions. In rare cases, love is sweet, beautiful and carefree.In most cases, the person in love experiences, suffers, hates, is disappointed, and sometimes even makes the decision to interrupt his life. Yes, from love not only fly, but fall into the abyss. Because of this feeling, no crime was committed. Many people lost their minds.

It always hurts when our hearts are broken, when the one for whom we are ready to sacrifice everything goes away without even turning around. Despite all the suffering that love brings to humanity, this feeling is the greatest reward in the life of every person. Man acquires wisdom only before death, and so. Only those people who have managed to experience love in their lives die with a smile on the street. Resentment fades away with time, all troubles go away, but love remains forever in the heart.

If you think about the life of any person you can make a stunning romantic film. Everyone had strong experiences, quarrels and a broken heart. Someone was able to forgive, and the other is still squeezing fists when meeting with former love.

In each film, love is told about a separate situation and love. On TV you can see the history of your life.Only here in the movie most often there is a happy ending, but in life - not a fact.

Men often make fun of the habit of women crying under a romantic film. Although there is nothing criminal. Yes, indeed, we can watch the same movie ten times and at the same time shed tears in a stream. For women, this is a great opportunity to pour out their experiences.

A good romantic film can cause empathy, tears and faith in a person. Therefore, such films should be watched as often as possible. Every age generation likes certain films. The modern love film of a fifty-year-old woman will be liked less than Gone with the Wind.

There is no pure romantic genre now. Yes, and it was not. Love lines perfectly intertwine in the most incredible stories. Moreover, in each film there is love, only in one picture it develops against the background of tragedy or feelings, and in the other against the background of hostilities.

It does not really matter what production is before you the film: domestic or foreign. For a romantic film, you do not need to use a huge amount of special effects, the class play of the main actors is enough.From the extent to which they can get used to their roles, the success of the film will directly depend.


Of course, every person has his favorite movies about a great feeling. We offer you to get acquainted with our list of films about love, which included not only the pictures taken in recent years, but also those that have passed the serious test of time.

1. Three meters above the sky

2. Diary of memory

3. P.S. I love you

4. Forgive love

5. Hurry to love

6. Obsession

7. Sweet November

8. House by the lake

9. Real love

10. Dear John

11. Meet Joe Black

12. The Lucky One

13. Fall in love with me if you dare

14. Just together

15. A good year

16. Amelie

17. While you were sleeping

18. Offer

19. Diary of Bridget Jones

20. Sleepless in Seattle

21. Chocolate

22. The Road of Change

23. Titanic

24. Notting Hill

25. Pride and Prejudice

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