Instant homemade truffles

If you want to make truffles, you can choose a very simple recipe. Even children who can fully entrust the preparation of these sweets will cope with it.As for the time, you will need about ten minutes to complete all the necessary actions and about an hour to cool the finished delicacy to the desired consistency.

To make ten pieces of candy, prepare 200 g of powdered sugar, a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder, butter 120 g (it should be softened beforehand). You can add a taste for a tablespoon of whiskey or rum.

Coconut chips, powdered sugar, grated chocolate, cocoa, and nut nuts are suitable for decoration.

Beat the butter with a mixer, pour in powdered sugar, beat until a homogeneous fluffy mass is obtained. Add cocoa powder, rum or whiskey. Stir until smooth.

Place what you chose to sprinkle on a platter.