If you cook fish, the only way

Many people think that they do not like fish. And, as in a well-known joke, I would like to argue: "you just do not know how to cook it." Indeed, fish dishes require special attention. Unlike meat, which can be salted and baked without any preparation, cooking fish may not be very successful without some secrets. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to know them!

A tasty dish is made only from fresh fish. Vendors can go on tricks, hiding the external signs that their product is no longer of the best quality. Dip the fish in a deep container filled with water. Fresh will surely sink, but the one that comes up is not recommended.

Cooked fish store in a cold place for no more than one day. It is better not to eat cold fish, but rather to heat it up to the temperature at which it was prepared. Do not want to fry - put it briefly in the oven.

To easily clean any kind of fish, place it briefly in warm water with a tablespoon of vinegar.Very prickly fish, such as a ruff, can be cleaned with a kitchen grater. Another trick that makes it easier to remove the scales is blanching. Dip the fish for a few seconds in boiling water before cleaning.

It is not necessary to defrost the fish before cooking. But if you want to cook frozen, be sure to dip it into cold water and place the saucepan on a slow fire. So do with very large fish, which should be boiled whole. In this case, the fish will not fall apart into pieces.

Broth is better to cook from sea fish. But if you have only a river - do not use catfish, eels or carp. Fish of these varieties will give the broth a bitter taste and smell of mud. It is better to use pike, perch and roach for fish soup.

To fry fish entirely, you need to take care that it does not fall apart. To do this, salt the fish for 15-20 minutes before cooking, and then blot excess moisture with a napkin. Do not try to turn the fish in a frying pan with forks or tongs, it is better to use two spatulas.

Many refuse from fish dishes only because of the persistent smell that fills the apartment during cooking.You can significantly reduce the intensity of unwanted aroma by putting a couple of potato slices in the pan.

Do not buy salted fish. Salt is the best preservative. In lightly salted fish, it is replaced by harmful chemicals. It is better to buy a properly salted fish and soak it in cold tea or milk.