I want to write an exposing article about fraudsters on the Internet and warn people !!! The organization on which the corner

The criminal case continues to breed ... their website lph.ru. How can this be done on your website ???
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What makes you think that they have a criminal case? Should I figure it out ... The first. Customer Reviews. Not a very reliable resource, obsolete over the years of the development of human lies. But what is, that is. Reviews from the company are excellent. Not one angry. The second. Warranties of the site itself. In general, nothing suspicious. Confuse only phone numbers. Third. And the nail in the coffin of the theory of "kidalow" clogs the tip of the Official website for the fight against dishonest business - Stop-List. All my words are supported by evidence. Read below. Before you write an article make sure that the "exposure" will not be fake. �
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And also this:
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Ekaterina Gavrilenko
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Caution, scammers! We were on the street. Spiridonovka, 38 after filling out an application for free legal advice on the Internet. A polite girl invited "today to a meeting on a quota, and only today, there are 10 quotas left." And here we are in front of the house, not a sign on the building, not a sign on the door. Then they explained that here "famous people live." okay. we go. There is a people (apparently, in order to throw dust in the eyes that there are people). Strange people go back and forth, giving the impression of work. The repairman was so-so, but the huge boxes in the hall were strained, it seemed that this company was constantly moving somewhere! Then we were invited to the room where it costs only the desk + 3 chairs! No computer, on the filing cabinets, or photo licenses in frames . nothing. They named the name of the company LUMINA, allegedly it exists in several countries, in fact, they did not have a website or a review, but such a company does not exist at all! After a brief consultation, it turned out, they can help us! Yes, they will do everything quickly, yes . As it turned out later, what we needed, it was estimated at 3-5 tons.p, in this company we were promised, because we are on the "quota", leave us the right to "make documents at a discount" of 25 tons. same! A complete divorce! In my question to show the details of the company, I was assured that they could show even an extract from the eGRYLE that they were listed there, but in the end nothing was shown.