How was the opening of the station "Novokosino" of the Moscow Metro

Residents of the Novokosino region have been waiting for this solemn day for almost four years: the construction of the continuation of the Kalininskaya line began in 2008. It is planned that the new station will significantly relieve the load from the highway. The capacity of Novokosino will be 14.5 thousand people per hour. The opening ceremony began five hours after the originally announced time.
The inauguration of the new station of the Moscow Metro Novokosino was held in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He and the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, accompanied by designers, station builders and journalists, were the first to go down underground and try out new trains. At the opening of Novokosino, the president also discussed plans for the development of the Moscow Metro until 2020.
After Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin rose to the surface, they were met by a large crowd of spectators. The President and the Mayor answered some questions from the residents of the district. Separately noted the strategically important location of the station: it is located on the border of the capital and the Moscow region. Sergei Sobyanin also mentioned that the Moscow Metro is the busiest and most intensive in the world, so plans to increase it will be fulfilled on time.
After talking with the residents, Sergei Sobyanin left on business, and Vladimir Putin effectively left the grand opening of Novokosino station by helicopter. After that, the subway doors opened for all those present.
Visitors were able to independently explore the new station, evaluate the modern architecture and share their impressions of the new trains. Also, guests and residents of the area really liked the design of the pavilions and entrances. The special doors and elevator for passengers with disabilities were welcomed.