How do turtles breed?

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How do turtles breed?

Each person has his own hobbies. Some people like to be engaged in flowers, someone grows rabbits, and someone likes to breed exotic animals. In this article, let's look at how turtles breed. It should be noted that red-eared turtles are bred rather infrequently. It would be more reasonable to take a turtle that was bred in captivity. To do this, you should seek help from an experienced terrariumist or at the pet shop.

Snowy turtles how to breed

In the process of growing turtles, mating is a very important point. But where it is more important to correctly leave small and fragile offspring.

  1. It is important to know the fact that there are “early” species of turtles, these include red-eared turtles. Reproduction in this species is possible at the age of about three years.
  2. Mating becomes possible from February to May. Usually, the reproduction of red-eared turtles occurs in water, but it is also possible on land. At the meeting, the male is located in front of the female's face, and she tries to swim forward.But the male swims back again and tickles his claws with the chin of his lady.
  3. In order to lay eggs, the female goes to land and, having previously moistened the earth with water from anal bubbles, pulls out a nest with her hind legs. In it, she later laid eggs.
  4. Eggs, on average, in red-eared turtles, in diameter, are no more than four centimeters. In the nest of about six to ten pieces. After the female has buried her eggs in the ground, she leaves and never comes to them again. And, in about one hundred thirty or one hundred and fifty days little turtles are born.
  5. If you decide to breed turtles at home, then you need to create certain conditions for this: proper nutrition, a good place for living, a great place for movement.
  6. It is important to take into account the fact that during the period when red-eared turtles breed, they need peace. This also applies to extraneous sounds and vibrations. Also, they should not be picked up and touched.
  7. Any container filled with peat or sand is perfect as a place to lay eggs. Of course, it should be small, so that the bug could freely climb into it.
  8. As for the water temperature in a terrarium or aquarium, it should be from twenty-two to twenty-six degrees.
  9. After you see that the female has laid eggs, a container of sand is placed in the incubator. But there already the temperature should range from twenty-eight to thirty degrees. The role of the incubator can perform a glass jar, standing in a warm place and filled with wet sand.
  10. Cubs should be placed in a separate terrarium. Because adults can injure them.
  11. As for feeding, newborn turtles prefer a variety of animal food. For example, daphnia, bloodworm, gammarus, koretra, as well as vegetable soft food. Feed them should be in moderation, not overfeeding.

Now you know how turtles breed. A video on this interesting topic will also be instructive. Remember that if you decide to breed turtles, then you made certain commitments, so be extremely careful and careful with these fragile animals.