How tune vaz?

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How tune vaz?

If you are a happy owner of a VAZ car and want to make some positive changes in your “swallow”, then from this article you will learn how to tune the VAZ.


The appearance of the car is one of the main qualities that are appreciated by a true car enthusiast. And the look of the car body plays a decisive factor in all appearance. To significantly change the geometry of the body, you can put special body parts on the car, for example, a bumper. Particularly enthusiastic motorists cut air intakes into the hood - this gives the car a "sportiness" and improves its driving characteristics. Also on the car, you can install the wing, which also makes your car looks more sporty and will positively affect the aerodynamics.


Another important part - the wheels. If your machine is not equipped with alloy wheels, then you should definitely do this. Alloy wheels will significantly improve the appearance of the car, positively affect the life of the suspension and, albeit slightly, reduce the acceleration time, due to low weight.Often you can see oversized wheels on a VAZ car - this also gives the car a certain charm.


One of the main methods of tuning is to reduce clearance. Some achieve this by trimming the springs, but still it is better to put special springs. Due to this, the aerodynamics of the car improves - the car “holds” the road better.


TuningA huge scope for creativity is the interior of the car. Here you can change the seat upholstery, drag the interior with a new material, install a sports steering wheel, replace the “torpedo”, install high-quality sound enhancement, and make an unusual interior lighting. For comfort, you can soundproof the car, install electric windows.

These are the main points that are tuned in VAZ cars. Try it and you do it.