How to weave an owl

You will need
  • - cord 4 mm thick (27 m);
  • - two wooden slats with a length of 20-25 cm;
  • - buttons for owl eyes.
Cut 10 threads of 2.5 meters. 2 m of thread will remain for the loop. Hang on the bar all the threads at 2.5 m. Divide the 20 ends of the threads into five groups of 4 threads each. Tie a square knot on each group. From both sides take aside 2 extreme threads. 16 threads left. Divide them into 4 groups and also tie a square knot on each of them.
Again pull the edges along the 2 threads. Weave three square knots on the remaining threads. And so repeat until you make one last node. This is called staggered weaving. Take the outermost thread on the left and translate it to the diagonal to the right. Tie 8 knots on it using the left half of the threads. Also do the right side. Do not touch the two central threads. As a result, you should have diagonal brides from rep knots.
Weave a chain of 4 square knots on four medium threads. From this you will then make the owl nose - "pea". Secure this “pea” with a square knot. Take the 3 outermost threads on the left and weave a chain of 8 square knots on them. Make the same chain on the right. Take the right thread from the left chain and pull it towards the “pea”. On this thread weave a team of 7 rep knots. Repeat the same steps on the right side. With the eighth knot tie on it a thread-basis from the left brides (middle thread). Weave sloped brides on both sides of the center on the same base threads.
Stretch the working thread from the right brides obliquely to the left and weave a bridal of 10 rep knots on it. In the same way weave a breeze on the left working thread. Weave another one breeze from two sides. Next, weave an expanding "chess" of square knots. In the last row do not tie the central knot. Hang the ends of the threads on the second bar with rep knots. Divide the threads in half and make two brushes with a braid. Cut the thread to the desired length.
To make a loop, the remaining thread with a length of 2 m hang on one side of the top bar.