How to wear a tippet?

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How to wear a tippet?

The palatine appeared in the 17th century and was originally a rectangular, necessarily warmed female cloak. In our time, the model range of such accessories has expanded significantly, stoles from the finest fabrics have appeared, more reminiscent of light scarves. Well-chosen in style and color, the product can add zest to any image.

How to wear a tippet: tips and combinations

Depending on the shape, fabric, from which this accessory is made, its decor, you can choose a variety of ways to wear stoles.

  • Wide models. Such a tippet is most convenient to just throw on the shoulders, throwing one end on the back. This will allow, firstly, to warm up, and secondly, to demonstrate the beauty of the pattern, the decorative elements of the stole. Palatine will fall beautifully on your shoulders, emphasize femininity. You can also throw a tipple on the shoulders and its endsStolesecure with a strap in the waist area. Finally, in particularly cold and wet weather, such a tippet can be put on your head - it will protect you from wind and rain and make the image even more interesting and beautiful.
  • Narrow models.Scarves stoles are good because they can be twisted, folded, tied around the neck, waist and chest in various ways. Some women wear such models instead of a belt or necklace, folding them in a tight knot, twisting together with thick chains, pinning up with original brooches. Also, these products can be worn on the head like a bandage for the hair or tie, like a scarf. It will be effective if you add such an image with glasses in a particularly refined and stylish frame, you can even be very large.

What to wear a tippet

For stoles used a variety of fabrics - from air and weightless to very dense and warm. That is why it is possible to wear a tippet with a variety of wardrobe items.

  • With warm clothes. Put the stole on the coat, with jackets and evenStolefur coats, on top of business trouser suits and elegant triples with skirts, on sweaters and jackets. If we are talking about wide stoles, then give preference to models of a more dense and warm fabric. But narrow products will be well combined with costumes, jackets and coats.
  • With light things. Here thinner models and more dense ones will be appropriate.The first are perfect for warm spring or summer days, but the second will be good in cool evenings in combination with an elegant dress, blouse with pants or a skirt. The beauty of such a model is that it will be more compact than the same jacket or jacket (perhaps even fit in a handbag) and will not weigh down the image.

Combination of stole with other clothes: style tips

As for the style, it should be given special attention. After all, the same tippet will not always be equally good in combination with jeans, and in combination with a cocktail dress. Here you should also consider several recommendations:

  • Make sure your kit is not too colorful. Bright clothes, festive images complement modest monophonicCombination of stole with other clothescapes of good quality. Then the outfit will not lose its gloss, but it will remain elegantly elegant. Remember that in clothes it is better not to combine (unless you are a professional in this matter) more than 3 different colors.
  • Avoid wide stoles of overly shiny fabric - it often looks defiant.
  • You should not wear luxurious and richly decorated stoles with simple elements of clothing, nondescript trousers and skirts, T-shirts. This is not always appropriate and beautiful.
  • Give up stoles with a colorful national decor, glamorous decor in combination with business images.
  • Not the best choice for miniature girls of small stature are massive long stoles - they will reduce the already short stature, hide a good figure.