What to wear stockings?

Stockings can not be called the subject of the wardrobe essentials, practicality, they are also no different. However, do not neglect them, stockings are simply irreplaceable, if you want to wear a short fitting dress - tights will be seen, but stockings will fit just right. However, stockings are worn in some other cases.

What clothes stockings would be appropriate

Stockings are more than tights require girls to think their wardrobe literally to the smallest detail, because the question of how and with what to wear stockings is extremely important.

It is better to refuse stockings if you plan to wear a thin silk dress, mini skirt, shorts and other wardrobe items, in combination with which stockings will look more vulgar than sexy.Stockings

Putting on light-colored clothing, choose stockings as close as possible to your skin tone, the tanning effect in this case would be inappropriate.

If you want to wear stockings with a pattern, then take into account the fact that they will attract attention to the legs to a greater extent than usual, because such stockings are better to wear to those who are confident.

By the way, colored stockings with a pattern can visually correct some flaws.So, dark stockings with a geometric pattern visually lengthen the legs, and light ones with a horizontal pattern, on the contrary, will add volume to the legs.

What to wear stockings in mesh

Mesh stockings can be combined with different clothes, for example, classic or simply business clothes require a fine mesh stocking, casual wear will beStockingsGo well with stockings in a medium mesh. By the way, take into account the length of the skirt - if you do not want to give the impression of a frivolous woman, then choose a skirt just above the knees or covering them.

The color of clothes plays a significant role here, try to wear black stockings under dark and black clothes.

As for shoes, it must necessarily be on the heel, and it is better if it is a stud, but, of course, a reasonable limit is important everywhere. Now a little about what is best avoided in combination with stockings in the net. Sandals or boots will look vulgar, also give up shoes that have either a heel or a toe open.

Pantyhose stockings: what to wear

Pantyhose, imitating stockings, are not inferior to ordinary stockings - they look just as tempting, but wearing them is much more comfortable, even in cold weather they will be warmer.And as for the imagination of designers of such tights, she knows almost no boundaries - you can find tights of different colors, with imitation of elastic for stockings, as well as tights with different patterns, patterns and patterns.Stockings

The choice of stockings depends on where you are going in them, for example, pick up a single-colored model for work, leave the tights with an unusual pattern or decor for the evening. Most for these tights are suitable skirts and dresses of medium length.

If you are not sure what to wear stockings with, you can make the picture clearer by photo.