How to wear lenses?

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How to wear lenses?

For many people wearing contact lenses, dressing them becomes commonplace. But for a beginner who just bought lenses in optics, it is sometimes extremely difficult to put them on his eyes. Therefore, we will now give you valuable recommendations on how to put on lenses, following which, after a few days you will fully adapt to this process.

How to wear lenses correctly

  • Before you start dressing the lenses, wash your hands thoroughly, dry them with a clean, preferably lint-free, towel.
  • It is more convenient to wear lenses, standing in front of the mirror, with your head tilted slightly forward. It is not recommended to look at the finger with a contact lens, but into the distance mirrors.
  • Attention! Remove the lens from the blister should be very carefully.
  • In order not to confuse contact lenses, we recommend that you make it a rule to install lenses, starting with one eye, for example, with the right eye. Only in this way, you can properly wear lenses.
  • Before you insert the lens into the eye, it must be carefully examined and ensure that there are no damages, tears and wrinkles on the edges. If you find any damage, you should abandon the use of contact lenses.

In order to make sure that the lens is turned upside down, perform the following action:

  • Place the lens on the pad of the right index finger. With the correct location of the lens, it should resemble a bowl, and its edges should be directed to the top. In case the lens is turned inside out, it will resemble a plate, and its edges will be turned out.
  • The next step is to pull the upper eyelid with your finger to your eyebrow to put on contact lenses so that it does not cover your eye, even if you blink.
  • Place the contact lens on the pad of the right index finger, and pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand. Then place the lens with your index finger on the sclera, that is, under the cornea of ​​the eye.
  • After you make sure that the lens is successfully placed on the eye, you can gently remove your finger. For precise positioning of the lens, lower your eyes down.
  • Now close your eyes and rotate them under closed eyelids. Blink.
  • Perform the same manipulation when installing the lens on the second eye.

If after reading all the recommendations, you still do not understand how to use a lens, how to put on it - the video will help you to clearly understand the whole process. You can easily find it on the net.We will give you some more tips on the use of lenses:

  • if you need to rinse the lens before use, use only a special solution for this purpose;
  • if the lens has ceased to move, then you need to drip a few moisturizing drops into the eye.

Attention! In order to wash contact lenses and the container intended for their storage, in no case use water from the tap. We pay special attention to this advice, since it is very important, because in such water, even if it has undergone additional processing, harmful and rather dangerous microorganisms and bacteria can be contained.

And yet, if you decide to resort to wearing contact lenses, you should know that contact lenses can not go to bed. Before you take a bath or shower, contact lenses, without fail, must be removed from the eyes. Do not swim in the sea, lake, ocean and other bodies of water without removing contact lenses. Avoid wearing dusty areas when wearing lenses.