How to use seeds in 2018

The main role of seeds in nature is reproduction. All flowering plants, and these include most of the famous trees, shrubs and grasses, are propagated in nature by seed. In human life, the role of seeds is also very significant. Seeds of cultivated cereals - wheat, rice, corn - form the basis of the human diet in most regions of the world. Wheat is the main crop of our country, half of the total domestic grain production falls to its share.
The seeds of legumes (soybeans, beans, peas) are an important source of vegetable protein. Seeds of sunflower, corn, and rapeseed are the main suppliers of vegetable oils, necessary both for the food industry and in the technical branches of the national economy. Of particular importance are the seeds of flax, cotton and hemp in textile production. Seeds of forage grasses (clover, alfalfa) are used for feeding domestic animals and birds.
In medicine, plant seeds are valued from the earliest times. They serve as raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, are used in traditional medicine. Seeds, like living biological structures, have a great vitality, necessary for the germination and nutrition of a new plant. The whole branch of healing is based on this property - Su Jok Seed Therapy. During treatment, the biological field of the seeds interacts with the diseased organ and restores the energy potential.