How to use hairspray

Means, which is most often used for modeling hair, hairspray is. It was one of the first means for fixing hairstyles. At today's time, when there are a large number of other fixatives, it is not recommended to use only varnish.


How to use the lacquer, everyone knows. It must be applied to the laid hair, for fastening, and to give them shine. Hair styling spray is available as a spray. It contains an oily substance that is sprayed with the smallest droplets and at the same time keeps the hair. Now there are varnishes that do not glue the hair, and at the same time they perfectly fix the hairstyle. After applying the lacquer, the hair is as soft as before the application, it is well combed, and the hairstyle remains intact.


To increase the volume of hair, you can also use hair spray. It's just perfect for fine hair. Lacquer is applied on the hair at the bottom, at their base. Locks of hair are fixed, and at the same time a feeling of density and opulence is created.The composition of modern varnishes include vitamins, proteins and nutrients that strengthen hair from root to tip. Even using the varnish every day, the hair does not spoil, they become more magnificent, beautiful and healthy.


In the summer, hairdressers recommend using varnishes containing special sun filters that protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun. For those with thin and problematic hair, it is better to use keratin varnishes. Part of the varnish, keratin contribute to the restoration of the normal structure of the hair. There are strong and normal lacquers. The lacquer of strong fixation is used in the case when it is necessary to substantially fix each strand in place, and a normal one - for natural fixation of the hairstyle. There are also flexible fixing varnishes. They are useful to those who want to create the effect of "flowing" hair. The hairstyle fixed by such a varnish is always mobile, the hair is arranged properly, it does not look uncombed and is not confused.


To use the varnish, you do not need the appropriate knowledge, you just need to spray the tool on the hair, and the result will only please.After all, lacquers not only fix the hair, but also give the hair beautiful shades. There are special tint varnishes. When spraying such agents, the hair shaft is completely covered with paint. This varnish significantly revives hairstyle, making you irresistible at any party or disco. You can choose the shade of varnish under makeup or the color of clothes. In addition, the advantage of coloring varnishes is that they can be applied to the hair of each color.


There are several options for how to use hairspray. The most used method is when the aerosol is sprayed onto the finished hairstyle. Sometimes you can use the lacquer before the hairstyle is completed. To give the hairstyle the maximum volume and splendor it is necessary to raise the hair and sprinkle varnish on their roots. Water based varnish must be applied several times. First you need to lay the hair, then sprinkle with varnish, then comb and lay as necessary. After the varnish dries, you need to comb your hair. Already finished hairstyle sprinkle with varnish and let it dry again. Most fixing varnishes are made in the form of aerosols.These funds most effectively fix the hair laid back. This varnish acts much stronger than the gel. He just perfect for those who have curly hair and who wants to straighten them.


How to style your hair



After a visit to the hairdresser's, the haircut done successfully looks fine, but ... In the morning, there was not a trace left of the hairstyle. And what to do? Do not invite every morning a hairdresser at home. And I want to look beautiful every day, not just on holidays. With the abundance of fixing tools and hair styling tools that are available in stores today, even the laziest people are able to put their hair in order. You just need to.


With the help of modern styling tools, you can do anything: straighten curls, make straight hair luxuriant, make the volume not very thick, lay unruly hair. Just do not forget that electric, thermal rollers, hair dryer make the hair obey due to high temperature. And if you overdo it - the hair may suffer. Facilitate the task can fixing means.


Let's start with the most famous and existing for more than one decade - this, of course, hair spray. It gives the hair durability and shine.But, as in any case, in the use of hairspray varnish, you need to know the measure. If you apply too much varnish, the hair will become heavy, and the hairstyle will look like a low-grade wig. In addition, the lacquer can harm not only the hair, but also the hair itself. Enveloping the outer layer of the hair, the lacquer clogs the pores, and the hair gradually dries out and becomes thinner. Today, manufacturers are trying to make styling products less harmful to hair. Adding vitamins, extracts from medicinal plants, amino acids contribute to the nutrition of the hair. According to the degree of fixation, the varnish is divided into natural, medium and strong fixation. Do not use a strong hold lacquer daily without special need. For daily use, natural and medium fixation are better suited. This varnish is easily combed from the hair, the hair looks natural. Quality varnish does not glue the hair. It is easy enough to test it: having fixed hair styling with varnish, try to pass fingers through hair. If you manage to do it easily, the product is of sufficient quality and you can safely use it.


For ease of application, the tip of the varnish can have a different shape.It is possible to apply a varnish both on dry, and on damp hair. For example, in order to give hair volume, the lacquer is applied to damp hair at the roots, then with the help of a hair dryer and a round brush the volume is given to the hair, and the desired shape is made to the hairstyle. In conclusion, you can sprinkle a little hair on top.


If you are used to using foam or hair styling mousse, a good quality varnish may well replace them if necessary. It can also be applied to wet hair, regardless of the length of the hair, blow-dry the hair and make styling with the help of electric pliers. The tips of the hair can also be fixed with varnish. Before styling your hair with lacquer, you need to remember that you need to wash it off in the evening, as there will be no hairstyle for the morning anyway.