How to unpack the game?

In order to play any computer game, it is not enough just to download it. The downloaded distribution is likely to be packaged in an archive or image. This is done partly for ease of download - because one large file is easier to download than a few hundred small files, and partly to save traffic, the archive files are organized in such a way that the size of the archive itself will be 1.5-2 times smaller than the total size of all game files. . But in order to run the installation package of the game, which is contained in the archive, you must first unpack it. This is a simple process, but different unpacking programs are required for different images and archives. In fact, unpacking options are only two. So let's see how to unpack the game.

How to unpack a game: archive

If the downloaded file has the format of .rar, .zip, .7z, then before you is a standard archive. To unpack it you will need a so-called archiver. The Rarlab WinRar program handles archiving tasks ideally and is considered the best in its field for many years.You can download it from the official developer site. The site has English and localized Russian versions for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Download and install the program, if, of course, it is not yet on your computer. During the installation process, the program will ask you which files to associate with the archives. At this stage it is better not to change anything, and click the "OK" button. The installer will thank you for choosing the WinRar archiver, you can close this window with the "Finish" button. After that, the archive file will change the icon from the faceless white leaflet to a pack of books tied with a belt. This means that the archiver was installed correctly and is ready to work. Double click on the archive will allow you to view its contents. Now we create somewhere a folder for unpacking, open it, select all files in the archive with the mouse or with the key combination Ctrl-A and drag them into the prepared folder. But before that you should free up disk space, and more than the archive weighs, because it compresses the files.

How to unpack the game: image

If the downloaded file is .iso, .mds, .mdf, then this is an image. To work with them, the Daemon Tools Lite program has proved itself - you can download it from the official site - using the nondescript blue Download text above the ad unit on the right side of the site.During the installation process, select a free license, in the component selection menu, the default version. It is better to refuse to send statistics to the developer - this is unnecessary traffic, which is useless for us. And the last screen of the installer will ask whether to install Yandex. Bar and other products of this company. Installation is complete, run the program. The "Add image" button in the lower left part of the window will open the image file, and double clicking on it in the list in the left part of the program window will launch it. After a few seconds, during which the image of the game is mounted in a virtual drive, a disk with the contents of the image will appear in My Computer, from where you can start the game.