How to understand a girl?

Woman - the eternal mystery for men. According to many men, women say one thing, feel and think another, and behave in general is irrelevant to all this. However, women are not deprived of logic, they just think differently, and therefore they do not behave like men. But not everything is so sad: psychologists write mountains of literature about how a man can understand a woman, and a woman a man. We also decided to help them in this noble cause and today we will tell men about how to understand girls. We will consider typical female phrases, find out what it means and how a man to behave in these situations.

I am so stouter! / Honey, am I fat?

Speaking such phrases, the woman does not want to hear something like "yes, my cow was added something a couple of kilos, it's time to stop eating buns." She needs compliments. You, apparently, have very rarely praised the appearance of your beloved lately, so she is trying to get compliments from you with such questions. Tell her urgently that she has a smart figure, and at the same time praise her slim long legs, amazing hair,beautiful shoulders and bottomless eyes (you can use a different set of compliments, as long as they sound sincere and with admiration)! If a woman has really big problems with a figure, then you can gently (!) Tell her about it. A phrase like: "Honey, you know that you are always the most beautiful for me, but this sweet tummy still needs to lose some weight."

Woman complains about her life

She has problems, and she decided to tell you about them. Maybe with a sad face for a long time to talk about what kind of boss is a petty tyrant, a girlfriend doesn’t understand her at all, you need a new dress for a holiday, but it’s just impossible to find it, etc. A normal man usually quietly listens to this monologue, periodically interrupting him with his advice how best to solve the problem. However, not always the girl will be glad. How to understand a girl in this situation? Sometimes she just needs to speak out so that her lover understands her, regretted, said something in the spirit: "My poor, as I understand you!". In this case, the woman will see that she is not indifferent to him, that he accepts and understands her experiences, and this is sometimes enough to lighten her mood.Therefore, it is not always necessary to give instructions and advice with a serious and calm face, sometimes you need to regret and embrace.

Do you love me?

This phrase can ruffle more than a dozen men. Not only is it difficult enough for many of them to admit their feelings, and when a woman is still dug out day after day with this question, it is a disaster in general. How to understand what a girl wants from you, if she often asks such a question? The fact is that a girl needs to be sure that you love her, she is very, very important to her! In addition, despite all your romantic deeds, feelings must necessarily be expressed in words. If a girl asked such a question, then she felt that you had somehow drifted away or cooled off, and she urgently needs to find out that everything is in order in your relationship and calm down. By the way, the phrase: “You don't love me at all” can also say about her insecurity in your feelings. Do not be offended, angry, and try to give her the arguments of her wrong. It is enough just to hug and say tightly: “Well, I’ve still invented, I don’t like her. Of course you love, you silly mine!”

If this question is asked frequently, then, to assure her of her feelings, you can say, looking into her eyes and smiling: "Yes, I love you!".Just do not grunt it under your breath and do not be rude in response, otherwise it will become upset and suffer. If a woman does not get you this question, then for her it is even more important, and therefore do not be stingy with good words. Something like: "How could you doubt my feelings for you, my girl? Of course, I love you very, very much!" quite fit. Only every time the thought must be voiced in a new way and always with unrestrained joy in the voice!

I am pregnant

How to understand what a girl wants when she says such words? Many cunning girls can report such news supposedly as a joke, which they will surely say later, but your answer and reaction to this question for them is a bright indicator of your attitude towards a girl. A lot depends on how you respond. From your reaction, she will know: a) if you want a child; b) do you want a child from her; c) are you ready to take responsibility; d) are you ready to take a serious step forward in your relationship - start a family; e) do you love her; e) whether you will be further along or not. Therefore, we must be prepared for such situations. In any case, even if you are not ready for the child, never after the announcement of such news, immediately offer an abortion.In any case, pregnancy is a miracle, so smile, say: “We now need to think about many things!”, Hug her. Well, if you are really happy for a child, in no case do not hide your emotions, the stronger you show them, the better. Shut up: "Darling, I'm so glad! I love you so much!", Grab and spin it, kiss.

We're just friends

How to understand what a girl wants to say with this phrase? This means that you are too persistently trying to achieve its reciprocity and love. The girl is either not ready to meet with you yet and wants to be friends, or she doesn’t want to meet at all, but wants only to communicate like friends, she is just afraid to offend you and says such things. In any case, you need to restrain your ardor and loosen your grip, switch to a friendly wave of communication. Also, this phrase can be used by girls to show their inaccessibility, which, on the contrary, they want to attract more of your attention, force themselves to strive. Thus, a girl can express something like this: "See, I am not someone who is horrible, I am a worthy girl, I will only with those who really need and who are ready to pursue me." If flirting and tokens in the form of compliments to your address, long looks, etc. are mixed with this phrase, then it can be said that the phrase acts in this particular direction.Seek her, she still checks if you are suitable for her. But if the girl said: "Let's stay friends," then your chances of winning her are sharply equated to zero. She no longer considers you as a boyfriend for a love relationship, she probably already has a candidate for this role, and everything that shines for you is a good friendly relationship.

I can't

How to understand a girl who, in the midst of passion, suddenly refuses to have sex? So she just went to the contact, undressed, but literally after a couple of moments, she doesn't want anything? If this is your first sex with a girl, then this situation is not uncommon. She wants your first time to be perfect. There should be a romantic calm atmosphere, only you two and no threats from the side. If the neighbors are fighting behind the wall, the parents are about to return home or something else that is very annoying, then she may refuse. Firstly, she really wants everything to go perfectly, and if something is stopping her, then she cannot relax and have fun. Secondly, with this act, she wants to show that she wants intimacy with you, but she is not some kind of “cheap prostitute” who can do it right away and anywhere, and in general, perhaps, too early for first sex.Do not be angry with her, calm down, tell me that you understand her and will wait for her to be ready.

I have a headache

How to understand a girl who has a "headache"? This means that the girl is tired and does not want sex or she really has a headache. In any case, insist on intima is not necessary.

We know too little

How to understand a girl saying a similar phrase in response to an offer to go somewhere together / go to your home / have sex, etc.? The girl cannot trust you and let you get too close to her, she is afraid to make a mistake, get into an awkward situation and in general is not sure yet whom to take you as. Do not rush her, give time. Just communicate and get to know each other, and then you can try again.

What are you thinking about?

How to understand what a girl wants to achieve this issue? Or is it really interesting for a girl to know what you are thinking about right now, or she is trying to decide how you feel about her. Help her. If the conversation was about any things not related to it, and you reacted to it in an interesting way and were silent, then just tell us what you thought at the moment.If you figure out your relationship, then you need to honestly tell the girl what you think about this conversation, about your relationship, about her. Say what you feel, just not rude. This will help to understand and solve the problem.

Well, where have you been?

Know that this phrase, said with feeling, does not mean that it is important to the girl where you were. It is important for her to know that you did not cheat on her while you were not there. Therefore, we must assure her of all possible forces in her holiness. Honestly looking in the eyes, tell (do not tell, namely tell how it was!), How you got flooded at work, how you sat with friends, how fishing went, etc.

Don't you notice anything?

How to understand a girl in this situation? She wants you to look at her or the environment around you (if you're at home), notice the positive changes that have occurred, of course, thanks to her, and praise her. If you can’t notice anything new at all, just say: "Honey, I'm so inattentive, tell me what should I notice?", And after the girl says, be sure to pay attention to this and praise her.

I do not bother you?

Such a phrase can be heard in a male company when there is one girl in it.Everyone knows that men without women communicate more harshly, they can sarcastically discuss acquaintances and make greasy jokes about women. When a girl says so, she wants to show that you have forgotten that there is a female among you and that she is embarrassed to listen to your speeches. In this case, it is better to stop the conversation or conduct it in a softer way.

You are a man!

How to understand what a girl wants when she uses this phrase? It means that there are two things: 1) she considers that what needs to be done is a masculine affair, therefore she asks you to do it; 2) she is too lazy to do what is needed, or she simply does not want to, therefore she is pushing the matter at you. If the matter is truly masculine, she is unable to carry it out, or you just felt sorry for her, calmly do what she asks. If a woman is insolent, then you can gently point out that it is not difficult, you are busy, and therefore she can easily cope on her own.

Do you remember what day it is?

Today is a memorable date, at least for her. Immediately remember whether it can be something serious (the day of your meeting or wedding, her birthday, the holiday of her parents), and remembering, say what you remember and get ready, make a surprise.Further, it is important to really buy gifts and prepare for the holiday evening. You can say this: "I remember, but you have not forgotten?", That is, somehow bring her to the conversation, so that she herself said what the holiday today is. In extreme cases, with a guilty air, admit that you have completely forgotten, she will remind you, but then you must make amends: bring it to a restaurant, make a gift, etc.

I'm just thinking about what's next.

How to understand a girl who suddenly said something like that? This means that she thought about your future together. The years go by, you are not getting younger, she needs stability, a strong family and children in the future. She is trying to understand whether you will have all this and what your relationship leads to. She is really serious, so if you just powder her brains, it’s better to admit it. It will be painful, but honestly, you will have to part. If you yourself want to start a family with her, tell her about it, but be sure to add that you are not ready yet (you need to buy an apartment, find a normal job, etc.). Confirm your words with actions: start renting accommodation together, meet your parents, help them, etc.

I wash my head / read a book / walk a dog

These and similar excuses can be heard by a guy in response to an invitation to meet. Know that in this case, the girl does not consider you as a guy for a relationship. If she really wanted to meet, she would definitely find time and opportunity for this, and even offer something herself. Using fiddling domestic reasons, the girl tries to gently refuse you.

Are you talking to all the girls?

If you are trying to flirt with her and be romantic, then know that she simply does not believe you and considers you a womanizer. If you really want to achieve her position, then you need to change the tactics of behavior and continue to pursue, as well as assure her that she is the only one and you are no longer looking at anyone.

I'm tired and want to go home

She is not interested in a party, no one pays attention to her, no one attracts her here, so she asks to go home under the pretext of fatigue.

The behavior, words and deeds of girls are often the result of emotions experienced. Emotions can be hidden from others, because men often simply do not know how to understand girls.In general, advice can be given this: do not cling to the words, watch the emotions and actions with which the girl accompanies her speech. Do not be rude to her, try to understand, ask clarifying questions, and then you will definitely understand what she wants.