How to trick the laws of meanness and why they happen

We have compiled a list of the most obvious laws of human life, and also found out why they happen and whether they can be avoided.

The next line is moving faster.

And what is most interesting is that it happens when you are late somewhere.

If you take an umbrella with you, it doesn't rain. And vice versa.

Most offensively, when you check the weather forecast, but it does not correspond to reality.

You always find a lost item in your last pocket.

And most often suddenly disappear things, without which one can not do: the keys to the apartment or car, telephone, wallet, credit card. And why does the ending lip gloss, for example, also not disappear?

Meeting with the right person happens when you look bad.

It should be once in three years to leave the house without a gram of cosmetics on the face and with a bunch on the head, as you will surely meet a classmate with whom she was in love with school, or a neighbor with whom you dream to meet.

What you keep long enough becomes unnecessary. But as soon as you throw something away, it becomes necessary.

Then for a long time you reproach yourself and promise that you will not throw anything away. But keep the promise does not work.

When help is not needed, it is always offered. And vice versa.

And why at the right moment good people disappear somewhere?

A wish is fulfilled when it is no longer needed.

After that, the phrase "Fear your desires."

Coats for which you save for a long time, buy a few hours before you have the necessary amount.

After a few such cases, going to the store becomes torture.

There is always not enough time to do the job as it should, but there is time to redo it.

And how to explain this to the boss? Although he most likely guesses.

If any trouble can happen, it happens at the most inopportune moment.

We call this period of life a black stripe.

Hot water is turned off during the coldest weeks of the year.

This law is simply impossible to explain ...

If you wait for public transport for a long time, it comes after you call a taxi.

At this moment, it seems to us that the bus driver and the taxi driver have some kind of conspiracy.

Why do the laws of meanness happen?

Vera Khubelashvili, astrologer:
Vera Khubelashvili

- In astrology, all laws are accurate and understandable, for that it is the most ancient science. From the point of view of the average man, the law of meanness is an injustice that usually happens at the most inappropriate moment. From the position of the astrologer, such an event could not have happened, since a number of changes in the owner’s personal horoscope had already predetermined the onset of a particular event in advance. Each planet in a negative position carries symbolic problems in human life. “Problematic” Mercury, for example, can create difficulties in communication, injuries of the hands due to their own carelessness and awkwardness. In an “irritated” position, it also creates problems with public transport: a car stalls halfway, wheels fly out, jammed doors, etc. Much worse, when voltage from Neptune is added to Mercury, when accidents will definitely be difficult to avoid .

But not everything is so sad. There is always an opportunity to play the tension in the map, knowing in advance about such incidents.In the example with Mercury it is very useful to leave the city. Also extinguish the evil energy of Mercury with Neptune can be a talisman of rock crystal, sapphire and aquamarine. It will not be superfluous during this period to bring thoughts and words in order, because such periods are given precisely to realize some super-important things.

The negative aspects of Mars and Saturn are more difficult to work through. Each of them is a pest planet, and with their negative aspect, situations that are not at all funny can occur. Anticipating this in advance, one can and should try to take care of oneself: do not assign important matters, avoid piercing-cutting objects, etc. It will not be too much to use the magic of stones. Evil energies of Mars and Saturn are able to extinguish red hematite, garnet, green jade, and marion.

Another opinion

Olga Kraynova, a writer, TV host and founder of the school of female wisdom "Good wife":
Olga Kraynova

- The so-called laws of meanness, or situational laws, or even superstition, are exclusively our ideas about how the world of things works. Some of the “laws” are inherited from our ancestors and are explained by very simple things.For example, the cat was allowed first to the house not at all because it brings happiness, but only because the cat knew how to find the warmest place in the house, settled there, and it was there that the bed was put so that it was warmer. As for the laws of meanness, these are just our preferences. Another great William James, who was at the forefront of psychology as a science, said that consciousness is always interested in one side of its object mainly before the other. In other words, what we are interested in turns out to be in our consciousness. It is the motivational orientation of each person that determines what he sees in this situation, for example, in a cup that has broken since morning. A person inclined to suspiciousness will say that this is a bad forerunner and therefore will not succeed all day. And during the day will look for and find confirmation of this. A more optimistic person will say that the circle was broken for luck, and will find confirmation of this. It all depends on the personal electoral bias of each person.