How to transplant Zamiokulkas?

Zamiokulkas was popularized by supporters of domestic plant growing not long ago. Only at the end of the last century, the first copies were offered by Dutch nurseries to the attention of florist. However, the popularity of this plant has grown rapidly: the zamiokulkas (also known as the “dollar tree”) turned out to be very undemanding, neither to temperature, nor to air humidity, nor to light, nor to the frequency of irrigation. Its only drawback is the difficulty of transplanting, since transplanting zamiokulkas is rather troublesome: its roots are large, it expands greatly and is very fragile. Damage to the root system will at least stop the growth of the plant and cause its diseases, and with severe violations it will completely ruin the flower.

Basics of transplanting

Most often, these wonderful plants suffer greatly from inept actions. Therefore, anyone who has bought a dollar tree should know how to transplant zamiokulkas correctly - a person will have to face this process in the first weeks of his acquaintance.

  1. The earth should be as air and water permeable as possible. From ready-made soil mixtures, those that are intended for succulents and cacti will do. However, before transplanting a dollar tree into such a ground, it must be mixed with perlite or fine expanded clay - for loosening.
  2. At the bottom of the tank drainage is required, but its volume should not exceed a quarter of the height of the pot. Make sure that in the bottom of the pot there must be holes for water flow.
  3. Transplantation is carried out by reloading from an old pot to a new one, without shaking off the roots - so they are less damaged.
  4. The first watering is not earlier than in two days.
  5. Planned transplants take place in spring; if it's warm, it's already in March. For young Zamiokulkas, they must be annual, an adult moves to a new capacity every three years. When its size becomes maximum for your apartment, transplants stop - only the replacement of the old soil with a new one remains.
  6. The transshipment is done in rubber gloves: it is unlikely that you can manage without any damage to the roots, and if you break it, poisonous juice flows out of them.

Transplant upon purchase

If you bought a dollar tree in a well-known store, where it stood for a while, you shouldn’t replace it immediately, barely bringing it home.Let the plant take root a little in a new place. After two weeks, it rolls over into a new, low, but rather wide vessel. While the tree is growing, it is better to buy plastic pots, since it is easier to transplant the zamiokulkas from it - you can simply cut the walls.

If your plant came from somewhere, even from another city, you need to start resetting it immediately, since transplanting a dollar tree in a few days means giving a chance to harm it to those preservatives that (possibly) were added to the soil.