How to transplant a purchased flower

You will need
  • - earthen pot with tray
  • - pots,
  • - soil
  • - additives.
Do not transplantflower, if there is no need. It is not necessary to replant the plant if it is grown in the conditions of your area, in a greenhouse, and is in the soil, and not in the substrate for transportation. So it adapts better in the new environment. If the pot itself confuses you, change it without changing the soil. Prefer ordinary clay pots. It can be painted or interesting to issue. Do not forget about the saucer under the pot. Now you can buy very interesting rattan and wicker pots. The main thing is that it does not harm the plant.
Replant your plant if it is in a substrate for transportation. Do not water it before transplanting. Find out what soil your plant needs, and get it. Carefully consider the additives in the sold ground. Usually conditions are created for plants as close as possible to natural ones. For example, it is very doubtful that expanded clay is necessary in the soil.But pieces of granite rock or quartz may not be superfluous.
Prepare the soil for transplanting. If yourflowerrequires a certain composition of the soil, and you did not find it, then you can purchase ordinary soil for indoor plants and add natural sand, peat, etc. It should also take into account the conditions of the room. By the time of transplantation, the prepared ground should be moist and pleasant to the touch, without lumps.
Put a few natural medium stones on the bottom of the pot. Pour about a third of the land into the pot, carefully place the plant, the roots of which are preliminarily cleaned from the substrate. Complete the ground on both sides. Note that the lateral roots of the plant should not touch the walls of the pot. Condense the earth to plant stability. If necessary, add it several times, because when watering over time, it will settle a little, thus allowing the plant to take root.
Take care of the plant.