How to transfer any photo to your T-shirt

I love to do something with my own hands!
I decided to share with you an unusual way to transfer the image to a T-shirt. You can create T-shirts with your own design from photos, magazines or something else that comes to your mind.

transfer photos to a T-shirt

Step 1: What you need

what you need to transfer the image to the fabric


  • Scanner / Printer
  • Thermal adhesive, transfer paper (sometimes sold in stationery stores or in stores with hobby goods)
  • Printer paper sheet
  • A computer
  • T-shirt
  • Iron
  • glue
  • Magazines, Photos, etc.
  • Scissors

Note:If you do not have a scanner, you can take any picture you like from the Internet.

Step 2: Getting Started

T-shirt transfer photo

Prepare a collage on a regular sheet of paper for the printer. You can use magazines, photos, or any pictures!

Using glue, fix your creation on paper. Clay need a little bit to keep the picture when scanning. The paper should not get wet. Attach the image to the scanner and check using the computer.

Step 3: Printing

scanned image

sheet of paper in the scanner

Print the image on transfer paper, in a mirror image. Do not forget to read the instructions attached to such paper.

Step 4: T-shirt Preparation

white t-shirt and iron

image for transfer to fabric

Carefully smooth out the T-shirt so that there are no wrinkles. Cut off all the excess from just a printed sheet of paper. You can leave a white border around the contour, it all depends on the color of the shirt and your preferences.

Step 5: Image Transfer

Put the T-shirt on a flat hard surface, once again smooth out the wrinkles, so that it is completely flat. Place the transfer paper face down. Make sure it is located in the center or where exactly you want it.

Iron the picture, heating the iron to the required temperature (see the instructions on the package of transfer paper). Make sure the edges and the middle of the picture are very nice!

Leave the shirt on for a few minutes to cool. Then slowly and gently, from the bottom edge, remove the paper base.