How to tinted glass?

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How to tinted glass?

Dear reader, today our conversation will be about how to tint glass. We hope that the knowledge you received will not be applied to the windshield, because it can not be tinted in any case. Well, the rest is quite possible. So:

Tinted glass

When tinting it is necessary to remember that you change the reflective and color properties of glass in the windows of your iron horse. Thus, the view may deteriorate in inclement, bad weather or improve on a good sunny day. There are two ways of tinting: spraying and gluing window film.

Let's take a look at the tinting algorithm using the example of how to tint the rear window. Let's try the way number two (film coating film):

  • We need the film itself, which also includes a cutting knife and a scraper. We also need a spray bottle, a few drops of car shampoo and any smooth, dense surface.
  • It is necessary to get good and, attention, expensive film! Only such products will serve you for many years, and cheap Chinese counterparts may even be dangerous, since their throughput is very low.
  • You also need to understand that high-quality toning involves the removal of glass. You will not be able to tint well the glass installed on the machine.
  • The first thing to do with the glass removed is to thoroughly clean it of dirt, grease and other things. Then wipe the glass dry with a rag that does not leave fibers.
  • Now you need to prepare a template using a piece of old wallpaper or drawing paper. It is needed in order to properly cut the film. When marking the parameters of the glass, use a tape measure to obtain reliable information.
  • Now our template must be placed on the film and cut the desired workpiece. Use a knife from the kit, as other blades can simply spoil the film.
  • Before applying, it is necessary to separate the transparent layer from the film. Prepare a spray with water and shampoo. Pick up one of the corners and separate the layers, splashing out of the sprayer between them, and then remove one of the layers.
  • Prepared glass should also be moistened with shampoo with water. Now you can apply the film, aligning its edges with the edges of the glass. Take a spatula from the kit and start squeezing the water out from under the film.We can not miss a single drop, otherwise there will be swellings. To make sure there is no water, you need to look at the glass through the lumen. Here's how to tint the glass.

How to tint car windows using spraying? This method probably has only one plus - it is its low cost. At the moment, you can safely say that toning by means of spraying is yesterday. Film is a much more effective and safe solution. First, the coating has reflective properties that are not allowed by the rules of the road. Secondly, some time after spraying, chips, cracks and other unpleasant formations spoil the exterior of your car appear. Well and, thirdly, if you plan to remove the coating, then you have to change the entire set of glasses of your car.

The solution is obvious, dear reader. Want to tint car windows? Use the film. To help you video attached in this article.