How to tie a St. George ribbon?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
January 8, 2013
How to tie a St. George ribbon?

For many years now, on the eve of Victory Day, St. George ribbons have been distributed in the streets to passersby. This is a kind of respect for the defenders of our fatherland. The symbol of the fact that we have not forgotten about their great feat. Having received such an attribute on the street, the question involuntarily arises, how to tie the St. George ribbon so that it looks beautiful and does not cause condemnation among others?

First, let's figure out where it can be tied:

  • on the bag
  • side mirror machine
  • on car antenna
  • on the lapel of clothes

You can not tie the St. George ribbon:

  • into hair
  • as laces
  • on dog collar
  • on jeans belt

According to all the rules, the St. George ribbon should be tied up by people whose families were touched by the war; those who realize and understand the cost of the victory; those who remember and are proud of their history and country. Just for the sake of beauty, to tie the St. George ribbon or to do it in an inappropriate way is blasphemy.

We propose to consider a couple of ways to tie the St. George ribbon in a beautiful bow in order to attach it to the lapel of a jacket or jacket.

  1. To do this, place the tape on a flat surface and grasp its end. Then flip it over the ribbon to make a loop that intersects in the center of the ribbon itself. Spend the same manipulation with the second end. By itself, such a bow will not hold, so we pierce it at the intersection of the ends with a sewing pin and immediately attach it to clothing.
  2. Hold the two ends of the tape. Put the left one on top of the right one, then circle around it and pull the right perpendicular down and the left up. It turns out the first node. Then put the bottom end so that you get a semi bow (loop). After which, with the second free end, circle the floor of the bow and stretch it into the loop, but not completely, so that the second floor of the bow is formed. Then stretch the two loops horizontally in opposite directions, tightening the knot. Our bow is ready, we attach it to the outerwear.

Make the St. George ribbon your symbol of memory and pride.