How to tie a shirt

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How to tie a shirt

Dickey and false collars are back in fashion. Modern couturiers on numerous shows offer leather and metal, knitted and lace products. Dickey can be an additional accessory to everything else, and an indispensable piece of clothing in cold weather. A patch collar of metal or expensive stones can be purchased in stores, but a soft and comfortable shirt front can be made with your own hands. This article is addressed to those who are interested in how to tie the shirtfront.

What is a dickey

Dickey - an alternative scarf. It will protect you and the child in windy and frosty weather, when the usual scarf is not always under force. This product can be sewed from dense fabrics or knit. But the most common knitted option. The cutie can be crocheted and knitted. Each needlewoman can choose the most appropriate way. In addition, the knitted shirtfront looks elegant with a hat or beret.

Dickey for a child - an indispensable and reliable thing.While moving, the scarf weakens, is untied or unwound, and the shirtfront fits snugly to the neck and chest. Mom can be calm for the health of her child.

There are a lot of ways to knit a dicky knit. But in general, knitting the shirtfront is a simple process. It can even beginner knitters. All work may take several free evenings. But what a pleasure you take to yourself and your baby! More difficult to cope with openwork models.

You do not need to figure out how to tie the shirtfront for the child, but you can use the already prepared schemes and recommendations of the craftsmen. You only need to select the desired model. Before you get started, read through some helpful rules:

  1. Carefully select the material. This may be a wool blend yarn or buklirovanye threads. But not wool, as it will prick the neck. You will need 100-150 grams of yarn.
  2. Stocking and circular knitting needles are required for work, as the product has no seams.
  3. Knitting should start from the neck to the shoulders.
  4. Knitting should not be very free, as the product will quickly lose its shape.

How to knit a shirt

Step-by-step instruction of knitting the shirtfront, or how to tie the shirtfront with a description. Here is the basic version of the knit front, as much depends on the model.

  1. Calculate the number of loops collar. How to do it? For the child: from the girth of the head is normally 50 cm subtract 12 cm. This is an approximate difference between the neck and the head. It turned out 38 cm, then multiply by a density of 1.4. As a result, 53.2 can be rounded to 52-53 loops. Add another 1-2 cm so that the product does not further compress the neck. For example, for a child 2-4 years old 60 loops are enough, 7-8 years - 72-75 loops.
  2. If you are a beginner, then you can knit a control sample before you start knitting the shirt. Thanks to the sample, you can compare the density of your knitting and specified in the instructions. This will help to further calculate the density of the loops of the product. The control sample of the pattern is knitted with a yarn intended for the model on the needles corresponding to the thickness of the yarn. As a rule, the recommended number of knitting needles is indicated on the yarn labels. For the sample, it is recommended to tie a square measuring 12x12 cm
  3. Knitting the upper part of the shirtfront - the neck, the width of which averages 10-15 cm.You choose a mating pattern yourself, but basically it is an English gum. It does not allow the product to stretch.
  4. Knit bottom. Determine the model of the shirt front in advance. The lower part can be connected raglan. In all models for knitting the bottom of the need to add a loop through a certain number of loops, so that the product expands. In each scheme it is clearly visible. You can also finish the shirtfront in different ways. Define the length of the shirtfront yourself. As you can see, a lot depends on your desire.
  5. The edges of the finished product can be crocheted so that they do not curl during the socks. If the shirt is designed for a girl, the edges can be decorated with fringe or beads.

If everything is not clear to you, how to tie up the shirtfront, the scheme will help to overcome difficulties:

And if you still do not understand something, how to tie the shirtfront, the video on the Internet will show the whole process. Choose models, knit, improve in needlework! Give pleasure to yourself and your child!