How to tie a hat with braids?

To tie a beautiful hat with a pattern, it will take a little more skill than to knit a simple elastic band. However, in general, the work is simple. If you like fancy patterns, read how to tie a hat with braids. We will describe in detail the order of work.

How to calculate loops

To cap sat on the head tightly, and was in size, measure the circumference of the head. Then count how many loops fit in one centimeter of knitted fabric. For this you need to bind a sample of a width of ten centimeters. Count how many loops you got. Usually in centimeters from 2 to 4. Now multiply the length of the head circumference by the resulting figure. You will learn how many loops you need to dial.

Knitted hat with braids suggests a simple preliminary calculation. We propose to knit braids of 10 loops, that is, quite thick. The repeating pattern, thus, turns out from 13 loops - a braid, plus three purl. Now you need to divide the number of received loops by 13 plus add 2 edge loops.If it does not, add a couple of extra loops, it will not spoil the work.

Knit cap

To begin with, we recommend knitting a few rows with a regular rubber band. This will give the cap density below and will not allow it to stretch too much. After 4-5 centimeters we begin to knit a cap with braids. On the needles the product can be knitted even round. But we will tell you how to tie a cap with a back seam.

We knit a repeating pattern in the following way: edge banding, three loops in the back, then ten loops in the face (this will be a scythe), again in the back. The next row of knit by drawing. When 10 rows are tied, you need to make a cross over so that we can make braids. To do this, we will remove the first 5 loops of the braid (it is better to insert an additional needle into them) and leave them before work. Now we knit the following five facial loops. We return to the filmed loops and knit them. The purl are the background, so we knit them unchanged.

You can leave the removed loops at work, then the crossing will turn out in a different direction. It is only important to do everything in a uniform way, that is, to cross the tresses in the same way. After the cross is made, we continue to knit a hat according to the pattern.At the height where you need to finish the product, you need to begin to reduce the loop. So that the knitted hat with bevels does not lose its shape and attractiveness, we first reduce the purl loops. Spit does not touch as long as possible. To do this, we knit 2 loops together in each area of ​​the purl loops. Then go to the reduction of loops in the braids. In each spit we reduce symmetrically on both sides 1 loop. Until you have 10-15 loops on the needles. Then you can pull them down. Sew a cap.

We decorate a hat

Women's hats, knitted with braids, look organic with a pompon. You can make it yourself from the remnants of the same yarn. Some craftswomen decorate and braids, sew on them buttons or sequins. Then the hat will come out not only textured, but also bright, elegant.

It is worth noting a few nuances. You can change the width of the braid, it’s only important that the number of loops in them is even. In addition, it is possible to vary the width of the background, for example, to make it wider. In any case, the cap will be spectacular and noticeable.