How to tie a girl?

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How to tie a girl?

Bondage, or tying, is the most common form of sadomasochism. The French call sexual chaining "ligottage" (from the word ligotage - slavery, dependence). Many people consider sex bonding to be very exciting, but they are afraid to try it. Meanwhile, for men, the contemplation of their charming captive causes an extraordinary excitement, and for women, the inability to move entails an amazing experience of a slow orgasm.

How to tie a girl

Before you bind a girl for the first time, you need some training in bondage sex, since the first amateur attempts are fraught with severe pain, cramps and loss of erection and of all sexual desire in general. The first thing that you should be able to do before tying up a girl’s hands (or other parts of the body) is to distinguish protest because of a really uncomfortable position (cramp, awkward hand turned up) from slight indignation in ecstasy. If a girl with tears and profanity asks you to untie her and call an ambulance, then you have made a mistake and overlooked somewhere.Think of a code word that will mean the cessation of any actions due to excessive pain or unwillingness of the partner.

So, let's look at how to properly associate a girl with the least inconvenience and damage.

One type of bondage, the so-called “bordelny,” is tying each leg and hand of a girl to the legs of the bed. Under the hips partner can put a couple of pillows for convenience. This view does not require special dexterity, but for some, such a “developed” position makes it difficult to attain the highest point of enjoyment. Therefore, there are other types: spread legs with arms tightly tied behind their backs, tying to a chair or to a pole, and so on.

The Japanese art of sexual binding, called shibari, is widespread. The object of shibari is always beautiful young women, this practice is very popular in the art of photography. There are two types of shibari:

  • Karada (cord ties up the torso in the form of a grid);
  • Shinju (cord ties the chest, resembling a rope bra).

The main points for binding, which increase sexual desire:

  • Wrists;
  • Elbows (only it is not worth them to force the girl behind her back - still break);
  • Ankles;
  • Thumbs and toes;
  • Soles of the feet.

What to bind

In terms of the choice of material for tying, every lover of soft and hard BDSM acts in his own way: elastic bands, leather laces and belts, patches of clothing, soft rope, silk cord - everything fits. Some originals use real straitjackets for greater entourage, so everything will fit. Many use rough chains, handcuffs and shackles, but in this case it is better to make sure that iron does not cause infection or allergies on the skin. In addition, such rigid clamps do not create the necessary compression, it is rather unpleasant to lie on them, and opening them in an emergency does not always work quickly. You can even tie a girl with scotch tape or a band-aid, but then tearing off the adhesive tapes is completely unpleasant.

Extra mating

In addition to binding the arms, legs, chest and chest, some hard sex fans practice tying their partner's eyes and mouth. And, if a girl’s eyes can be tied up with any scarf that came to hand, then you should be more careful with your mouth. First, it is worthwhile to attend to the purity of what you put in your mouth to the captive. Do not shove a rag between your teeth, poured with pesticides or a rubber ball, which has been previously unknown where.Only clean and practical! Secondly, it is not necessary to completely deprive a woman of the ability to speak, she always (!) Should be able to give a sign if something is wrong. Let it be a triple knock with a slightly free fist, or grunting-moaning in Morse code, but there must always be a conventional sign. Moreover, in no case can you tie anything around your neck, even if the girl asks you. If she is so unbearable, choke her lightly with her hand, but there should be no cords around her neck!

As for hanging a bound girl, this is the work of real masters of BDSM. Cleverly fix the partner, and then also lift her on hooks or another installation so that there is no danger to the organs and limbs - this is worth learning. In addition, for security reasons, do not practice this type of BDSM with strangers or in a state of intoxication. Do not leave the partner also bound for more than 30-40 minutes.

If you are interested to see clearly how to connect a girl, the video with a BDSM master class will provide you with this opportunity.