How to tie a dress for a girl?

Mothers like to dress little princesses in dresses. But what to do if the outfit is worth crazy money, and you want to dress the baby beautifully. Only one way out, you need to acquire patience, buy knitting needles or a hook and start knitting. Let's take a look at how to knit a dress for a girl in this article.

Consider that for younger children suitable clothing only knitted of cotton thread with acrylic, natural yarn. After all, the child may be allergic to synthetics and all unnatural.

How to knit a girl's dress with knitting needles

Let's consider how to tie a dress sundress for a little fashionista.

  • First of all, you need to prepare 4 skeins of colored yarn, 50 grams each, 1 skein of white, 125 grams, 1 skein of fluffy yarn, 2 buttons, needles # 4,5.
  • Knitting starts from the bottom of the back. It should be clarified that the scheme of a knitted dress for the girl in this case is not needed, because the binding is quite simple and understandable.
  • Type 94 loops of fluffy yarn on the needles and knit with an elastic band of two front and eight purl, 4 rows. Two last loop knit facial.Then make a decrease to eighty-five loops. To do this, every two first loops of the gum to knit together with the purl.
  • Continuing knitting, do two diminutions through 20 rows and 1 after 16, reducing the loops to 58 pieces.
  • After knitting 23 cm, go to the scarf pattern, and tie the striped part of the dress. To do this, you will need to alternate white and pink yarn. In the first row, turn down 8 loops, thereby reducing its number to fifty.
  • After knitting 25 cm of scarves from two sides, close 4 loops in each second row, and then three loops, and 2 times two loops. The number of loops is reduced to thirty two. It is necessary for armholes.
  • After 27 cm. Divide the fabric in half and continue to knit each of these halves separately. Close from the inner edge of the 11 loop for the neck. After 1 cm. Close the last 5 loops of the shoulder.
  • Knit the front part of the dress in the same way, but at a certain height for the neckline close 22 loops in the center. Both sides are knotted separately.
  • Combine both details of the dress. Armband and neck crochet. Make 2 air loops at the back and sew the buttons.
  • Knitting dress sundress for girls over.

Knitting this dress does not take much time.

Elegant dress with raglan sleeves

For all newbies, raglan is the most suitable of all kinds of sleeves. Knitting it is easy and simple, and the pattern of the sleeve and the armhole has straight lines.

  • For knitting, you will need: 300 grams of wool yarn, circular needles No. 2.5 and 2, five knitting needles for knitting a sleeve into a circular one, a zipper about 10 cm.
  • Knitted dresses for little girls do not take much time, since they knit very quickly. But it is necessary to take measurements from the child. It is necessary to measure the length of the back, skirts, sleeves, neck circumference.
  • Note that the number of loops must, of course, be divisible by 6.
  • Knit should start with a collar. Knit it around with a rubber band. To do this, take the needles number 2. The height of the collar should reach 4-5 cm. Then change the spokes to the number 2.5. Then you need to add a loop. Do it in those places where you will knit the raglan sleeve, as well as in the center of the back and front.
  • The total number of all loops divided by 6 and mark the place of addition of loops. This can be done with a thread of a different color. Spread loops: one sixth on each of the sleeves and on each of the back halves, one sixth on each of the front parts.
  • Tie half of the back with facial loops until you see the mark, and twist the last loop in the opposite direction.
  • Go to the sleeve and knit 2 face, nakid in the opposite direction, 1 purl, and then face loops, until you see the second label. Tie the last 3 loops to the mark in the following way: 1 purl, wrap in the opposite direction, 2 facial.
  • Do a reverse nakid and 1 purl, and then all facial. On the raglan line, make the same addition as at the beginning of the row.
  • Turn the work over and sew a row of purl loops, and sew a raglan line according to the pattern. Nakida, facial.
  • Make an addition and along the lines of the armhole, to the height of the knitted fabric of 5 cm, through the row. Close the circle and add loops on the raglan lines.
  • When the dress is tied to the axillary zone, then transfer the loop of the sleeves to the thread and knit the dress to the waist in a circle, using the front surface.
  • On the waistline, divide the loops by 4 and make marks in the middle of the back and on the front and sides. Tie a flared skirt. To do this, make additions in the places where you made the labels.
  • Before labels, knit 1 purl, nakid and facial. And after the tag face loop, nakid and purl.Make additions on every 9th row.
  • Tie the bottom of the dress with a double elastic band, knitting needles No. 2. The height of the knitting should be 6 cm. Increase the number of loops by 2 times, making nakida between them. Close the loop.
  • Knit the sleeves in turn, moving all the loops to 4 needles, and the fifth work. Cuff knit elastic band.
  • Sew a zipper on the back and the dress is ready!

Now you know how to create knitted dresses for girls. Knit or crochet - you decide.