How to tie a crochet bead

To tie the beads crochet will require:

- threads (100% cotton of "Iris" type);

- hook number 1;

- a bead (I have a bead made of wood (linden) in this master class, size 14 x 14.5 mm).

We collect 5 air loops, close them into a ringlet and knit 9 columns without a nakid in this ringlet.

Next, we will knit in a spiral, so the next column "climb" to the next row.

Next, we knit another 2 rows, that is, the 2nd and 3rd rows, as follows: we add a column through one column. Above the columns of the previous row, then two bars above one are tying, then - no. Therefore, for the 2 nd and 3 rd row, we get an extension to 20 loops.

From the experience of tying beads of the same size I know that for these beads you need 21 bars. Therefore, in the middle of the 4th row I will add one more column.

And knit another 4.5 rows. In total, there are 8 rows:

The first - 9 columns in the ringlet;

2 and 3 - add to one column;

4th - add one column in the middle of the row;

5,6,7,8-th - just knit 21 columns in a spiral without adding or subtracting anything.

In the received tube we insert our bead.

Next, 2 rows subtract through one column. Right as they added in the beginning - now we're subtracting. That is, all their loops to one loop.

We thread the ends of the thread. Or sew for the remaining ends - if sewing is necessary for the realization of the plan.