How to tell mom?

In every teenager's life a lot of events happen. You can be happy to tell some of your parents, but you don’t want to talk about some at all. Surely there were situations in the life of every teenage girl when it was not easy to tell mom about something.

There are quite a lot of difficult situations: many do not know how to tell a mother that she is pregnant, or tell about such intimate things as menstruation, or simply that a young man has appeared in life. There are several tips to start a conversation with your mother on a sensitive topic.

The right mood, time and place

The main thing to remember is that mom is not an enemy. Yes, she may not respond to the statement as we would like, but she does not want anything bad. The right attitude will help start a conversation on a personal topic. It is important to remain calm and choose the right time and place.

You should not start a conversation with your mother if she is not in a good mood, passionate about work, household chores, or just tired. An irritated and tense state does not help in talking about something important and personal.

It is worth choosing a time to talk when mom is not busy, ready to talk and listen. The right place is where you can stay together and calmly discuss everything.

How to say about menstruation?

It's easy to tell mom about menstruation, because there is nothing unusual about that, every girl grows up, her body changes and a period comes when menstruation begins. You can just say: "Mom, I started my period, please advise me what to choose from personal care products." Do not be afraid to ask questions, if any; Mom will surely help you figure it out.

How to tell about the guy?

Saying that a young man has appeared is somewhat more difficult. It is worth remembering that the mother may not like the young man, no matter how good qualities he does not possess.

You can start a conversation like this: "Mom, I like the guy, and he also likes me; he is very good, and I want to introduce you."

You can allow your mother to be a little critical, but over time she will begin to see the guy not only bad, but also good, especially if she sees her daughter happy every day after another date.

How to say about pregnancy?

If the topic is very delicate, for example, an unplanned pregnancy at an early age, then it is worthwhile to think in advance about the answers to all questions and complaints that may arise for the mother, for example:

  • Will there be a marriage registration?
  • who will support the child?
  • Do parents know the father of the child? how did they react?
  • Where will the young family live?

If you prepare answers to all these questions, it will be much easier to tell mom about an unexpected pregnancy. It is important to immediately identify your position and let your mother understand that you are aware of your responsibility and take the situation seriously.

How to avoid conflict?

In order to maintain composure in the inevitable conflict, it is necessary to understand the feelings of the mother. Mom always considers her daughter a child, she will continue to take care of her regardless of her age. Understanding mom is easy - it hurts her to realize that her daughter has grown up and now she no longer controls her actions and decisions. It is important to show your mother that her opinion is still important to you, but at the same time you are able to take responsibility for your actions.