How to teach kids to pot

In any case, before showing the child a pot, objectively evaluate his psychological development. Psychologically, parents need to prepare themselves for the fact that this process will probably take more than one week or even a month. At the very beginning of potty training, the little ones do not understand for what purpose they take off their pants and sit them on an object they do not know. Under no circumstances should a mom or dad shout or scold a child if he is unable to do his “business” on time. If all succeeded - by all means praise him.

Pediatricians believe that the optimal age for potty training is between one and a half to two years old - until this crumb can’t just understand when his bladder or intestines are filled.

Dear parents! Keep in mind that child development is an individual matter, and the process of schooling is also. The child must understand what he wants, must do it consciously!

Which "toilet" is better? Some tips:

1. Purchase a plastic pot.When a child sits on it, especially at first, the pot should not be cold and cause discomfort. Otherwise, the child may not like the "toilet", and the whole process of schooling will go down the drain.

2. When choosing a pot, pay attention to the fact that the baby was comfortable sitting on it. Thank God that iron pots have sunk into oblivion and you can freely choose a “toilet” that is suitable for parents for finances and is anatomically convenient for a child.

3. Pay attention to the stability of the pot. Think about the safety of the child, otherwise with any awkward movement, it can fall, hit and also be frightened. And then he will not sit on it in any case.

4. If you are going on a trip - buy a model with a removable lid.

5. Comfortable sitting on the pot will contribute to the back.

Ways to teach:

1. Planted on a pot only on reaching a certain age.

2. For the first time showing the pot to the child, do not try to immediately plant the baby on him, do not insist.

3. It is recommended to put the child on the pot after each awakening. Having risen, the child will subsequently understand where it is necessary to sit down in order to make his “deeds”.

4. You do not need to start to teach the pot when the child is sick or his teeth are erupting.

5. If an “accident” happened, do not scold.

6. Experts do not recommend stimulating urination with various sounds, such as the sound of pouring water. Subsequently, this may have a negative impact on older age.

Good luck!