How good to photograph?

November 4, 2014
How good to photograph?

To learn how to really take good pictures, you should take into account a huge number of different nuances and technical characteristics. Many of them are analyzed in the article - How to make a good photo. In this article we will look at how to properly relate the light and shadow in the photos.

How to relate light and shadow

Almost any photo is a combination of light and shadow. Therefore, during the shooting, try to consider the following points:

  • in the frame, the shadows of objects can be part of the composition, this will give the picture a sense of completion;
  • if you act as a photographer, do not allow the presence of your own shadow in the frame, only if it is not an artistic device;
  • Additional light (in the form of a flash) can be appropriate to use even in good lighting conditions, this will help to soften the black and white spots in the photo;
  • the use of the built-in flash in low visibility conditions (in the evening outside or in a dark room) usually makes the subjects too bright, and the background black.
  • in a poorly lit room, it is better to use a removable flash, which can be directed at an angle to the ceiling, which will help to illuminate the object advantageously;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with light and shadow, and then you have every chance to get very interesting artistic shots.

It is important to be able not only to photograph correctly, but also to photograph skillfully. Then you will look natural and attractive in the pictures. In the article of our website How to get well in the photos are considered the moments that should be paid attention to during the shooting. And in the article How to be photographed beautifully you will find tips that will help make any photo advantageous.