How to surprise him on February 23?

Call him to the meat restaurant

No guy will refuse to dinner in front of an open fire, where a steak the size of a wall clock is fried for him. Here it is, the romance is like a man, from which it will spread in a contented cat smile: a roaster instead of candles and meat instead of light salads.

Surprise him with something he loves, and you hate

Turn February 23 into the day of the game without rules. Well, that is, before you have categorically not taken something, and now you want to make it pleasant and try it. Each couple will have its own version, but just do without discomfort and suffering: the concession must be within the framework of self-respect, because it is a gift, not torture.

Write him a sexual message

Secretly put a note in a jacket or bag of your beloved, and then by phone tell him that you have left a list of necessary products. It will open, and inside, instead of milk and eggs, a detailed script of your plans for the night. Okay, we are aware that this is not February 14th, but we still will not stop repeating.

How to surprise him on February 23?

Give him a trip to the sauna or bath

Not every one of us is capable of this: it’s just so easy to take and give a man the opportunity to spend the entire evening in a bachelor party, enjoying hot steam, cold snacks and fresh gossip with friends. So we can say that this gift will also be a test of your tolerance.

Download the fridge for your favorite beer and pizza

A man’s paradise looks like this: he comes home, opens the fridge, and there is a “battery” of beer and several layers of pizza. And if you add the previous item, it will surely spread out in gratitude and will announce to you that the Day of Defender of the Fatherland is henceforth his favorite holiday.

Buy him a ticket for what he enjoys

Sports game, performance, concert, festival of bread and circuses - consult with the city poster and look for options. He will be especially glad if you manage to get rare tickets, but ... do not get very upset if it will be a regular football game that he missed while at work, and you downloaded a broadcast on the Internet especially for him.

Specially forget to wear underwear

We have a “male day” and the Valentine's Day in our calendar, but there’s absolutely no need for uniting these two items of the holiday of love and hot sex.Is it time to change the situation? In general, you understand what we are hinting at on February 23.

How to surprise him on February 23?

Make him an offer

If you yourself are morally ready and decided that it is this particular “defender of the Fatherland” - the man of your dreams, do not hesitate to bring him anythingwedding ring, declarations of love, and at the same time a couple of compliments in honor of February 23 about how courageous, strong and almost perfect he is.