How to call a demon?

Demons are powerful supernatural beings. They occupy an intermediate position between gods and humans. Initially, demons could serve both good and evil. But later the Christian religion gave this term a purely negative meaning. Demons are fallen angels who have lost their divine essence and sided with Evil. According to Christian superstition, demons have their own hierarchy, which consists of nine levels. The highest, first rank has, for example, the demon Beelzebub.

Many black magicians know how to call a demon from the other world, in order to find out something from them or make them fulfill their desire. You must be extremely careful when calling demons, because demons are insidious and self-serving, and also very strong creatures. If the magician does not have enough power, the demon can break out of his power and cause the caller harm.

In the era of the Middle Ages, science demonology flourished, which studied demons and everything connected with them. The most famous was the grimoire "Small Key of Solomon" or "Lemegeton".In this grimoire, 72 types of demons are described and how they can be useful to the magician who called them. It also describes how to create seals calling for specific demons. Another well-known demonology manuscript is called The Secrets of the Worm. It is believed that it was written in 331 AD. by the Roman Tercius Sibellius. Here the magicians will find guidance for action on the call of demons. The Necronomicon book is on everyone's lips. Scientists believe that this book was invented by the writer Howard Lovecraft, but some believe in its existence, or at least that it has a historical prototype. The prototype of the Necronomicon could be the Egyptian book of the dead, although it did not at all tell how to call a demon. This book is a guide for the deceased in the afterlife. Often the books mention the Treaty with the Devil, when the magician lays his soul in exchange for demonic services. Goethe vividly described such an incident in his tragedy Faust.

So, you are not afraid and still want to learn how to call a demon? Then read on.

How to summon a demon: ritual

  • Develop the qualities that a strong black magician must possess.You must have inflexible will and other qualities of a leader. Get people to obey your will. You must have an inner rod and a firm position from which you cannot be knocked down. Learn to control your emotions, feelings, desires. Remember, the demons in any way will try to pierce your defense and take possession of your personality. If you are not sure that you can overcome the temptation of demons, then it is better not to risk it. Demons need to be called after a nine-day fast.
  • Protection. Before you call a demon you need to organize yourself a reliable protection. The easiest way is to draw a protective magic circle. It can be drawn with a knife, chalk, grass powder, etc. It is necessary to draw counter-clockwise, starting from the north. But one circle is not enough. It is necessary to have the same Pentacle of Solomon, which will force the demon to obey. It is best to make a pentacle himself.
  • In black magic, instead of a circle, they draw a five-pointed star, and become so that it turns upside down. For black rituals, animal sacrifice is surely used; every top of the star is sprinkled with their blood.Also used ritual intercourse with dark forces, drinking demonic blood, etc.
  • The demon is invoked with a special invocation spell, and a special seal is also used for this spirit. When the magician feels the presence of a demon, he establishes a connection with him and voices his desire. After that, it is necessary to perform a ritual of exile, otherwise the demon will remain in the material world.

Similarly, there are rituals explaining how to summon a crossroad demon, a desire demon, and a guardian demon. The meaning of the magical effect is the same, but different spells and different demon stamps are used.

So, now you know how to call a demon.