How to steal money?

Theft of funds on the territory of the Russian Federation is a criminal offense, depending on the severity of which the penalty is imposed under article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in the form of fines ranging from 80 to 200 thousand rubles, forced labor for up to 2 years or imprisonment for a term of one year. up to 6 years.

Despite the severity of the legislation regarding these crimes, thefts and fraud do occur. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters and thieves, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the techniques that they use to assign someone else's money. Today, cash can be of two types: cash and non-cash. Consideration of ways to steal money will begin with the theft of non-cash funds.

How to steal e-money

You can lose money that is on the card account, either by making payments in online stores or by trying to use a card at an ATM.

It is necessary to be especially careful when making purchases on the Internet, because modern technologies allow attackers to use spyware and duplicate websites, through which they receive personal information on any map.The first sign of a fraudulent site is the absence of a “lock” icon at the beginning of the address bar. This sign indicates that the site uses a secure connection that guarantees confidentiality of personal data.

Also, fraudsters very often use letters allegedly on behalf of banks or other financial organizations asking to tell them the details of your account or card. All banks repeatedly warn their customers about such types of fraud, so in any such incident you need to call the hotline of your bank and consult with a specialist.

How to steal money from ATMs

Almost every one of us uses ATMs to withdraw cash, therefore, fraud through these devices today is very developed in terms of a variety of methods. Consider the main ones.

  • Fraudsters install an invoice keyboard on an ATM, which exactly repeats the functionality of the present, but at the same time remembers all the data and combinations that were entered by the cardholder. Having learned the PIN code of the card, they can use its funds for electronic transfers.
  • Retention envelopes. These are special devices that are inserted into the card reader, while copying its appearance. When the cardholder performs all the operations he needs, the ATM cannot return the card to him. At this time, the scammer approaches the victim and says that just recently he had a similar situation, which he resolved by entering a PIN code and double pressing the "Enter" key. The person performs these actions, but, of course, it does not help. At that time, while the bewildered cardholder goes to the bank to find out the causes of the problem, the attacker removes the envelope with the card, the PIN code to which he already knows.
  • Fraudsters sometimes install a miniature video camera at ATMs, by means of which they watch pin-codes entered by cardholders. You can use the data in online stores.
  • The most expensive and complicated way is to install your own “ATM”, which does not issue money, but only reads absolutely all the data from the card and transfers it to the attackers. Along with connecting to the data network from an ATM to a bank, this method always gives one hundred percent result, but it also requires a powerful material and technical base, certain skills and knowledge.

Precautionary measures

In order not to lose the money that you have on the card, you need to carefully inspect the ATM card reader, hide the PIN when dialing, do not transfer your personal data to anyone, and in no case write the PIN code on the card. It is also best to keep your bank's hotline number in your phone in order to be able to quickly receive security advice.

How can you steal cash

Most often, cash is stolen by deceiving people. For example, malefactors come to pensioners under the guise of social or medical workers and, under any pretext, offer to purchase any product or service. Also, money is often stolen from pockets and bags in public transport and in markets, in wardrobes and locker rooms.

Where cash is most often stolen

For theft of cash is very important place of the incident. This should preferably be a deserted place in which there will be no witnesses and the risk of being noticed is minimal. Or, on the contrary, a very crowded space in which the crowd and the bustle can become a cover for the pickpocket.As it was already written above, the places where people like to steal cash are metro stations, markets, train stations, and public transport.

Precautionary measures

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, for example, at a train station, you should not trust strangers who offer you help to carry things or bring them to the address you need. Sometimes these people disappear along with the trustful citizen's things. Do not keep money in the side outer pockets and in the back pockets of the pants. Also, always keep an eye on your bag and keep it in front of you in public transport.

In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, always double-check the words spoken by them in the appropriate instances, and also be vigilant and careful.