How to start knitting?

Yana Ryabtseva
Yana Ryabtseva
September 19, 2014
How to start knitting?

Knitting is not just an exciting hobby, but also a great way to relax. Having mastered the basic techniques of knitting, you can create amazing things and decorative elements, gifts for friends and loved ones with your own hands. How to start to learn this kind of needlework, it is written in our article - How to learn to knit. How to start knitting, we will talk in more detail later in this article.

How to start crochet?

To start crochet should determine the choice of tools and materials. The thickness of the hook should match the thickness of the thread used. Crochet is divided into three main types:

  • Simple knitting with the same looped columns (the columns can be arranged in various combinations, evenly repeating parts of the pattern);
  • Knit long crochet;
  • Knitting guipure.

Consider a simple knitting technique with which it is best to start learning this type of needlework.

Making a sliding knot

  1. Take the thread in your right hand and, departing 10 cm from the edge of the thread, throw the free end behind the main thread.
  2. Bring the hook under the thread, lift it up and tighten the loop with your left hand.

Correctly hold the thread

  1. Take the hook with a sliding knot in your right hand.
  2. Start the thread from the ball by the left pinky from front to back.
  3. Wind the thread clockwise around your finger, stretch it with three fingers, put it on your index finger and press the end of the thread with your thumb under the first loop.

After the above manipulations, you should tie a chain of air loops, and then you can proceed directly to knitting. The most simple and easy to understand knitting technique is the “single crochet” technique. You can learn more about the crochet technique from our article - How to start crocheting.

How to start knitting?

Starting knitting involves the process of looping knitting needles. The pattern of the product will depend on the chosen method of looping.

The traditional set - the easiest and most understandable way.

  1. To start, take a ball of thread in your left hand. The length of the free end of the thread should be twice the width of the future web.
  2. Further around the thumb of the left hand clockwise, twist the thread, then put it on the index finger. In this case, both ends of the thread should be clamped in the left palm.
  3. After that, fold the two knitting needles together and put them in the loop on your thumb.
  4. Catch the thread on the index finger and pull it into the loop on the thumb.
  5. Pull the loop off the thumb and tighten the loop with the thumb and index finger.
  6. Lower the knitting needles down towards you while holding the loop with the index finger of your right hand.
  7. All the same should be repeated to make all subsequent loops.