How to start a second-hand business

Rent a room that must be at least 40 m2 in size. It is best to rent it in a residential area or on the street that is located closer to one of the main avenues. First analyze the location of competing firms. Then find the most suitable place to open a store.
Get the necessary equipment: racks, display cases, hangers, simple tables, bales, cash register. On average, you should expect that you need to purchase 10 kg of clothing per 1 m2 of the leased premises. That is why under all goods worth buying windows.
Register your secondhandin the form of an individual entrepreneur or LLC in the tax authority. To do this, collect the required set of documents, write a statement and pay the state fee.
Find several reliable wholesale suppliers. Agree with them to ensure that deliveries are uninterrupted, the price of the goods is acceptable, and the goods themselves arrive in perfect condition.
Find the right staff.In the store of this type must be the seller-cashier, a security guard on the trading floor and a cleaning lady. Consultants in secondhandAs a rule, they do not hire, because the buyers should be given the right to independently choose the goods. In this case, the seller-cashier should be aware of the presence of each product.
Order a good advertisement or conduct an advertising campaign right in the store. You can create special brochures or flyers to attract customers or run advertising banners on the Internet or on television right away for the mass of people. Also, if funds allow, you can put a billboard or hang a sign about the opening of a secondhandand right next to the store entrance. This way you can attract the first customers.