How to spend the second day of the wedding: the original scripts

In Slavic, it is customary to celebrate a wedding for two days. According to the Slavic tradition, the second day of the wedding celebration was called “bread” and was organized in the bride’s house. According to the tradition, the mother-in-law should meet the newlyweds on the threshold of her house with bread and salt, and also treat her son-in-law with pancakes.

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Today there are many scenarios for the second day. We present to your attention some of them.

The traditional script of the second day of the wedding

If the newlyweds decide to celebrate the second day of the wedding, adhering to the Russian wedding traditions, then they certainly need to carefully prepare everything. By tradition, close relatives and friends from both sides are invited to the second day. Those of the guests who are more active, come before everyone else and dress up as Gypsies, pirates, devils or other fairy-tale characters.According to the tradition of the second day, disguised guests (dressed up) close the passage into the bride's courtyard and try to get a small ransom from the guests who arrived late after yesterday's celebration. Visitors are invited to perform a song, read poems or participate in some kind of competition. Only after that they are allowed into the house of the bride, and from those who refuse to fulfill the conditions of the costly ones, the fee for the passage is taken in the form of a small amount of money.

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After all the guests have gathered, the bride, according to the rite, should present her mother-in-law and father-in-law gifts, and the son-in-law - to the test and mother-in-law. As a rule, on the second day of the festivities, guests first of all gave inexpensive gifts to the newlyweds and then sat down for a festive breakfast. Since the second day of the wedding is intended for even closer acquaintance of relatives, both from the groom and the bride, according to the Russian custom, various active contests and quizzes were held, in which almost all the guests were involved. Therefore, it is recommended that the script of the second wedding day be composed in such a way that the use of food alternates with a variety of competitive tasks, for example:

  • Who will be the breadwinner in the house, and who will spend the money. For this, young people are presented with a pre-baked loaf, which they must break and divide among themselves. Who grabbed a larger piece from the loaf, and he will be in the family earner and owner. How to make a wedding loaf with your own hands you can find here.
  • Matchmaker competition. This contest is for mothers of newlyweds. The result determines whose mother will help the children financially, and whose nurse the grandchildren. For this, two identical sandwiches are prepared for breakfast, but a coin is put into one sandwich. Whose mother will get a sandwich with a coin, she will financially support the young
  • Skating.For this competition, you will need a medium-sized trolley into which the son-in-law sits the bride's parents and drives them along the worst road to the river, where he has to unload them into the water. If there is no river or reservoir nearby, then the son-in-law overturns parents into the nearest puddle. The essence of this very funny contest is that the son-in-law is allowed to make fun of her wife's parents once in her life, and then for the rest of her life to respect and tolerate their character.On the way back to the cart, the wife’s godparents are planted, and the son-in-law takes them home the same way. This competition is perfect for a summer wedding, and winter, but instead of the water of the parents can be thrown out in the snow. All this noisy ceremony is very pleasant to all guests and is always accompanied by laughter, jokes and drinks.

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  • Sale of spoons.After riding the cart, the guests return to the house, where they are greeted with okroshka by a young wife. In a comic form for bullying her parents, she refuses to feed guests for free. For each plate of okroshka she asks to buy spoons from her. Guests for a nominal fee buy a delicious okroshka
  • Exam for young. After eating okroshka, the guests, in turn, arrange an exam for the young wife. They make her peel potatoes or carrots, and pour mug from one bucket to another with a mug. If the bride does not fit in the allotted time, then the procedure is repeated.
  • "Boy-girl". At the wedding, many relatives and friends argue and wonder who will be born first in the family - a boy or a girl. For this contest, you will need sliders of blue color - this is a boy's symbol, and pink - a girl's symbol. Witnesses of the young hold a vote - for this they go around all the guests who put money in the sliders.If there is more money in the pink sliders, then a girl will be born first and vice versa
  • The hostess. Conduct this competition in order to check whether the young mistress will be a good hostess. For this, the young wife and boyfriend are given a broom and dustpan. Guests are thrown on the floor of the coin. And at the command of the girls for one or two minutes with a broom and dustpan to collect from the floor as much as possible coins. At the end of the test, guests must count the number of coins collected, and if the bride turns out to be the winner of the contest, then she receives a “prize” in the form of a kiss from her husband, and if the friend turns out to be faster, then the bride hands her a pre-prepared prize

Interesting! If the second wedding day is celebrated in their house, then the young people are asked to plant a tree in the courtyard, if the young people will live in the apartment after the wedding, then a decorative tree will be planted in a flower pot prepared for the newlyweds.

The next “tasty” stage of the second wedding day celebration is guest food pancakes. By tradition, the bride should cook pancakes with filling in the evening, but, as a rule, it is made by someone from relatives or acquaintances. The young wife does not just treat the guests with pancakes, but sells them at exorbitant prices.

07 The second day of the wedding

By tradition, on the second day of the wedding, parents of young people are awarded certificates of honor, medals or certificates, according to which they are given the title of mother-in-law, father-in-law, and mother-in-law

The final stage is the gratitude of the young. The newlyweds thank all the guests who came to them for the holiday. Guests stand in a circle and light a candle, and the newlyweds, carefully holding a burning candle, as a symbol of the family hearth, dance in front of the guests.

Creative ideas for a second wedding day

Many newlyweds live in city apartments, and the area does not allow holding various kinds of competitions. Therefore, the celebration of the second wedding day, depending on the desire, imagination and finances of the newlyweds, can be continued in an original and different from the classic, for example:

  • Romantic trip. This may be a trip to another city or country. Most often, the newlyweds to take a break from the wedding rush and hassle choose a resort tour. Depending on your preference, rest can be on the shore of the warm sea, in the forest or in the mountains.
  • Visiting the entertainment center. This can be a water park or a bowling alley, where young people, parents and friends can have a good time, remember the bright episodes of the last wedding and get positive emotions from socializing and playing together.

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The water park has spacious swimming pools in which you can organize fun water contests, for example - team relay races between guests. In any water park there is a small cozy cafe where you can arrange a small improvised table for guests.

If you decide to continue the wedding in bowling, then you need to pre-book several tracks for a specific time. From invited guests, you can form, for example, three teams - youth, team of matchmakers and national team of guests, as well as establish a symbolic prize fund for each occupied place and play it

  • Hiking. Camping will require tents for young people, parents and friends, as well as suitable clothing, shoes, and camping items. The hike should not be long and tiring, the main thing is to choose a suitable safe place to rest in advance. The best time to celebrate the second day of the wedding in the campaign - in the evening around the fire. This will give some mystery and mystery

07 The second day of the wedding

  • Night club. This option is perfect for a small youth company.

07 The second day of the wedding

  • Spa. This option is acceptable for a small wedding company, and pre-ordered spa treatments will perfectly restore strength, both the newlyweds and their guests.

You can turn to professionals to develop a script for the second wedding day, taking into account your personal preferences, or you can choose your favorite option from those already offered by the agency. For example, "The second day of the wedding in the Russian style."