How to speed up the metabolism

There is a misconception that all fat people suffer from a slow metabolism. The speed of this process can be influenced by many factors: the sex of a person, age, type of activity, the presence of chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance, etc. To calculate the basic level of metabolic rate, there are universal formulas that must be used with adjustments for gender and level of physical activity.

Factors affecting metabolic rate

One of the most common causes of slower metabolism are dietary errors: consuming large quantities of confectionery and fatty foods; unbalanced diets; intake of insufficient amounts of water; violation of the diet; deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle, the presence of bad habits, and inadequate nighttime sleep have a significant effect on the metabolic rate.

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How to speed up the metabolism

First of all, it is necessary to revise food habits and switch to a fractional diet: there are often, but in small portions, not allowing the appearance of a strong feeling of hunger. The basis of the diet should be a healthy source of protein: eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, legumes, lean meat and fish. Also, do not forget about fiber, the splitting of which the body will have to spend a large amount of energy: whole-wheat bran, cabbage, apples, broccoli, etc.

Increased fluid intake plays a favorable role in accelerating the metabolism: at least 2 liters of pure water daily, green and herbal tea without sugar, coconut milk, non-carbonated mineral water with the addition of lemon juice. It is important to remember that alcoholic beverages are high in calories, so they should be avoided.

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Physical activity to speed up metabolism

The greatest effect in the process of improving metabolism and natural fat burning is the alternation of physical exertion of varying intensity. The easiest way to go to an active lifestyle is the usual walks,during which the speed changes: you can walk for 2-3 minutes at a leisurely pace, after which you need to move as fast as possible within 30-90 seconds.

In addition, good results can be achieved by starting to engage in high-intensity aerobic and strength training. Cardio loads can include exercises on a treadmill or exercise bike, jumping rope, running, swimming. Beginners are encouraged to train under the guidance of an experienced trainer who selects the level of loads individually.

Weight training at the initial stage can be limited to working with your own weight: push-ups, squats, work on the press and other muscle groups.