How to skip school?

Let's admit to ourselves: at least once in life, but each of us had a desire not to go to school. Just an incredible desire! Today we will please the young cunning and tell you some reliable ways to skip school without consequences.

Ways to skip school excellent

Since you have already decided that you want to skip school, let it be on your conscience. Just try our methods!

Method one

It will suit only those guys who get good marks. How can I skip school honors? Easy - using your reputation. It needs only a little artistry and play on the feelings of parents. And since the most sensual parent is mother, then we boldly go to her and declare, they say, did not have time to do the lessons and there is no sense to go tomorrow, only it will be worse. If you try, your mother will come up with an excuse for you to skip school.

Method two, how to skip school

Tell your parents that school tomorrow is evil. You urgently need to prepare for some kind of conference there and you can’t lose a minute! Yes, there is a risk of remaining locked in the room to prepare for a non-existent conference.But since we have already taken the path of lies, it's time to complete the picture! Say that you need to prepare with Ivan Ivanovich, the new head of your circle. Why new? Yes, because the number of "old" may be your ancestors! The risk justifies the means, try it.

The third way to skip school

Do not want to connect parents? It is necessary to act locally, in the school itself! Navrie teachers that lingered in the library. Or you were accidentally locked in an office. The advantages of this school absenteeism method are those that are practically impossible to verify whether you are lying or not. Minus - time shirk. It is unlikely that they will believe you if you walk this way for several days in a row.

The fourth way to get rid of school

Method for higher grades:

  • Guys are often called to the military registration and enlistment offices;
  • Girls have unplanned medical examinations.

Is the hint clear? But often such an excuse will not get away with it: the situation when a guy three times a week is called by the military registration and enlistment office is very unrealistic. Yes, and girls no more than once a month, may complain of "some complications."

The fifth way to skip school

The way is smart and effective. Before using it, make sure that the class teacher is not in close contact with your parents. Otherwise it will be bo-bo!

Ask a friend to send an SMS message with a text for help to your mobile phone. The meaning is this: as if your mother is asking for an urgent appearance at home due to force majeure. Well, the pipe burst or the dog is bad. Then rename your friend's contact in the phone book to the banal "mother" - and show the teacher. The effect is 100%! Warning: do not use often!

The best seventh way

Of course, you already guessed. Simulation of the disease! Yes, this way to skip school has long saved entire generations of schoolchildren from hateful knowledge. And why don't we take advantage? The main thing to remember is no deviations. If you decide to skip school in this way, you have no friends. Just no friends! No one should guess what you are pretending. Otherwise, it may end in confusion and obsmeivanie you, like a bad artist and a liar.

You can simulate a disease right at school Come up to the teacher, before this letting in a "sick" look and in a sad voice, declared that you had a headache (stomach, etc.), get rid of the lesson home or in the medical center. Usually, if you do not abuse this method, teachers let go of the lesson, this method is most suitable for a physical education class.

But you can simulate the disease at home, in the morning.If you do everything right, your parents will leave you at home, it is important to convince them that today you just have a lot of pain and you should sit quietly at home and not call an ambulance.

That's how you can get rid of the school. You should not specifically get sick or apply dangerous methods that may harm your health. Remember, knowledge is power! And if you have already decided to skip school, so lie! And he began to lie - lie to the bitter end!