How to sit at the computer?

If you sit at the computer correctly, after a certain time you will feel that you will be able to sit behind the monitor for a large amount of time, you will be less tired and think better. And in general, your work efficiency will increase. Therefore, in our article we will try to help you understand how to sit at the computer. This knowledge will be needed for those who often spend their time at the computer. And it doesn’t matter what they do, watch videos, play toys, socialize or just work. This information must be known to every computer user.

How to sit at the computer

Consider the basic concepts of proper computer work:

  • Legs: should be located on the floor, or on a specialized stand, and should be bent at an angle of just over 90 degrees. If the legs are located correctly, the blood will be able to pass normally through the body, the vessels will not be clamped anywhere, the blood will not be retained, and, therefore, the brain will receive a sufficient amount of nutrients for normal functioning.For the same reason, it is not recommended to throw one leg over the other when you are at the computer, and in any situation when you are sitting, say, at the table.
  • Back: should be straightened almost at a right angle, and shoulders straightened. You can lean part of the back against the back of a chair or chair, they can take on a certain part of the load.
  • Hands: putting your fingers on the keyboard, you should relax your shoulders, and bend your arms at about a 90 degree angle. This will ensure normal blood circulation. If the chair is equipped with armrests, make sure that they do not support your elbows too much and do not force you to lift your shoulders too high. If the shoulders are located above the normal level, they can impair the cervical vertebrae. It is desirable that your desktop was wide enough and large. Then you can sit so that your elbows hang down a little from the table. The distance from the tip of the nose to the monitor should be no less than 70 centimeters, or the more, the better.
  • Eyes: vision must always be taken care of. Therefore, the plane of the monitor should be located at an arm's length from you, and it is desirable that the top of the monitor be located at the level of your eyes.

To avoid problems

  • How to sit at the computer correctly, you can also look at various videos or photos presented in large quantities on the Internet.
  • To avoid problems with the spine, doctors all over the world recommend sitting at a computer for no more than six hours a day, and it is necessary to do a thirty-minute gymnastics every two hours. Those whose profession is associated with a long stay at the computer, doctors advise twice a year, to undergo a course of massage, and, if possible, 10 minutes a day to hang on the crossbar.
  • Also, it is important to ventilate the room in which you work on the computer, since it is precisely due to the lack of oxygen that your head may ache in the evening. If you do not have the opportunity to rest for a long time every couple of hours, try once an hour and a half, get up from your workplace, knead the waist and fingers, breathe fresh air.
  • And do not forget to hone the skills of the correct location at the computer. Immediately, of course, it will be hard, but over time you will get used to it, and it will become much easier for you to work.