How to sign a notebook?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 14, 2013
How to sign a notebook?

Each student needs to sign his notebooks in order not to get lost in them, to facilitate the work of the teacher, and also to easily find a notebook if it is lost. Requirements for the signature on notebooks are constantly changing, so it is important to understand by what template they are signed. In addition, German and English notebooks are signed differently than others. Let's figure out how to sign a notebook, depending on the subject.

How to sign a notebook in the Russian language

The template for signing a notebook in the Russian language is quite simple. First you need to write "Notebook" in the top line in the middle. In all the following lines, the text must be aligned to the left. In the next line you need to write "for work". In the line after it - "by (the name of the object in the dative case)". After that you need to write "student \ student" and your class, in the next line - the name of the institution, and in the last - the name and surname of the student in the genitive case.

The correct signature of the notebook will look like this:


for works _______________________

In Russian _______________

student 10 "B" class ___________

gymnasium №1 Tver ____________

Stepan Pupkin _________________

If you are wondering how to sign a notebook for another subject, you just need to use this template.

How to sign an English notebook?

Unlike regular notebooks, notebooks for foreign languages ​​require you to sign a little differently. So, the whole text should be written in the middle of the lines, and not aligned to the left. Also, every year, the requirements for signing such notebooks change. In some cases, the notebook may require to sign in the upper right corner, so this information is better to learn at school.

The principle of signing a notebook is simple: in the top line you need to write "English", in the next - the name and surname of the student in English. Next comes the line with the class number, and the last one with the name of the educational institution. Correctly signed notebook for English looks like this:


Maryna Ivanova

Form 10 “A”

School # 3

How to sign a notebook in German?

The principle of signing a notebook in German is the same as for English lessons. The only difference is that you need to sign in German.Be sure to check with the teacher, whether it is necessary to add, for what works is intended notebook: home or control.

An example of a correctly signed notebook in German:


Vadim stepanenko

Klasse 3 “A”

Schule # 6

Now you know how to sign notebooks. Interesting lessons for you, friends.