How to shoot a cop?

In our article we will tell you all about the correct and accurate shooting in the cult game Counter Strike, or how it is abbreviated as the COP. We will immediately tell you that conducting single and non-professional fights in defiance differs from command fights, where tactics and team play are generally used. Therefore, this manual is intended primarily for conducting single combat, where, above all, accuracy and speed of firing are all decisive. We will help you learn and understand how to shoot a cop.

Let's start with explaining where to shoot.

Directivity of shooting

It is clear that in order to hit an opponent as soon as possible, you need to shoot in the head accurately and quickly. As a rule, the first bullet fired hit the target, but to be sure, shoot at 2-3 rounds, then your opponent will have less chance of survival.

Where to aim

Often, players aim at the enemy in the head, but if in this situation it is difficult, aim at the corps. But in order to hit the points you target, you need to know about such a parameter of the game as the spread of weapons.By scatter means a deviation in shooting, in which the first few rounds fly into the target, and then, under the effect of recoil, the bullets start to drop from the center of the target, that is, aiming at the enemy and firing a burst, there is no complete certainty that be able to hit him. As a rule, most of the bullets will fly past the target, but at this time the enemy will be able to calmly finish you off. And then, you ask yourself: I thrust the floor of the cage into him, and he shot me a couple of times, and now, the fragment is lost, and I start the game again anew?

But still, how to learn to shoot at the COP? It is necessary to understand how this ill-fated "scatter" occurs. As a rule, the dispersion of bullets occurs along the trajectory up and a little to the side. The semi-automatic and shotguns have the smallest scatter. Sniper rifles do not have a scatter, but it is almost impossible to get in a standing position, sitting in motion, the spread can be 4-5 meters. The machine gun also has a huge variation. Rifles in this regard are universal. For example, Sig and Aug, familiar to you, in the alternative shooting mode, have greater accuracy and less variation.And even more accurate shooting can be obtained by tempo shooting. That is, without holding the paintworker, plant a clip into the enemy, and shoot alternately, but quickly pressing the same mouse button, keeping a small pause between bursts of 2-3 rounds. The most successful weapon in terms of dispersion can be called the MP5 semiautomatic device, which equally shoots both when moving and from an immovable position.

How to shoot at COP 1.6

First, about the scatter. As we have already explained, it is directed upwards and to the side. Therefore, when you are forced to shoot in bursts, send to the enemy not the center of the sight itself, but its upper, slightly shifted side. That is, when firing a burst, the scatter occurs upwards, which means you need to aim slightly below the opponent’s belt, and slightly aiming the target aside. At the same time during the scatter the trunk will rise, and will hit the body and head of the enemy, and not the ceiling of the room. Understanding how the scattering happens correctly comes with experience. For a start, practice bots, and then, having understood the essence of the shooting, you can start and fight online. Now about the positions. If someone told you that from a sitting position it is better to shoot, you can safely call him a noob.Yes, perhaps in some situations it helps, but basically, sitting down when shooting, you sign yourself a death sentence, because it’s easier to get into a sitting opponent, and after playing a bit, you will notice it yourself. It is best to shoot in short bursts and dashes. That is, palnuli - aside, palnuli - in the opposite, so you make sharp jerks to the side, or strafe. Getting into you becomes more difficult, but you also need to get used to the tactics of combat on the go. Also, do not shoot, jumping from a ladder, or running abruptly from an ambush, as your surprise is completely negated by inaccuracy of shooting. Remember that the breaks between the lines reduce the spread of bullets, but you should not believe the sight, since it does not reflect the real spread. Therefore, train and train again.

And now let's summarize, or how to shoot the COP:

  • Shoot in the head or body, not in the arms or legs.
  • Shoot long bursts is only with barrage or at a short distance.
  • Semiautomatic or shotguns are effective only in the corridors and at short distances.
  • The smallest range of bullets accounts for sitting and standing.
  • Always watch out for cartridges, reloading takes time, during which you can “sew”.
  • Bey first, in many ways, it is all about the reaction.
  • The first bullets fly into the target, better aim.
  • Do not shoot from stairs, in flight or from ambush.
  • While running, keep the cannon at head height.