How to sheathe a balcony mdf panels

Finishing with MDF balcony plates is an opportunity to give it a nice look quickly and without special expenses. Installation of panels is made in two ways. If the walls of the balcony are even, you don’t need to hide communications, you can simply stick it on the plane across the MDF plate. Use for this liquid nails, they have a thick structure that allows you to apply them with minor surface irregularities. Sticking technology is simple. To begin, prepare the walls - clean them from dust and dirt, ground.
As soon as the primer is dry, proceed directly to the installation. Panels in such a small room as the balcony is placed vertically. Apply glue to the panel in large drops in a staggered manner, press it against the wall, and after a few minutes, tear it off and let the glue dry slightly, then press the plate completely onto the wall and tap it. So that the process goes quickly, while the glue on one panel dries, spread the adhesive on the other plates.
It is possible to mount MDF boards on the frame. It is collected from wooden bars with a section of 5 cm x 5 cm or a metal profile. If you want to warm the balcony, it is better to use metal guides. Mark the plane. First fasten the dowel-screw with the profile around the perimeter. In places where there is a curvature, slightly incise it. Install the verticals near the door and window openings, attach transverse belts to them at a distance of 40-60 cm. For strength, fix the horizontal guides with angles. The frame is ready, you can attach panels to it.
Covering MDF panels start from any angle. Install the first plate on a plumb, securing it to the screws. All subsequent panels are fixed with special clamps-clamps. Cutting the panel height is convenient electric jigsaw, but a simple hacksaw, they are easy to cut. Complete the decoration of the balcony by installing decorative corners. They are simply glued onto liquid nails.
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MDF panels have an original pattern that imitates fine wood. They do not require additional finishing, retain a beautiful appearance for many years, they are easy to wash, provide excellent sound insulation.
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The crate perform perpendicular to the location of the panels. On the walls under the vertical panels frame arrange horizontally. On the ceiling panels are placed along the direction of light, therefore, the lathing is made across the light flux.