How to sew trousers?

Bloomers - a great option for clothes, both on the way out and for home, because they are very comfortable. This model of pants in recent years has become quite popular around the world. In addition to its convenience, trousers are still very similar to the skirt, so even opponents of trousers will be conquered. In this article we will describe in detail one simple option how to sew trousers. Pattern and tailoring is so simple that you can handle them, even if you did not sew anything. In addition, tailoring the trousers will take a little time.

The choice of fabric: sew harem pants

For sewing sharovar better to opt for:

  • fine fabric
  • easy drapeable fabric

Knitted fabrics (for example, viscose), cotton and silk with a crash effect are great for harem pants.

If we talk about colors, then you can sew trousers absolutely all colors, as well as plain colors. However, most prefer to choose Oriental motifs, or fabric with a small pattern.

Tailoring sharovar

In addition to the fabric we need:

  • thread, in the color of the material
  • rubber thread or elastic (for registration of a belt and cuffs of trousers)

For sewing, you will need a piece of fabric 30 cm longer than its width. In this case, the width is worth taking at least 1.4-1.5 m.

Now, consider in detail the process of sewing trousers:

  • Pattern: we measure its width along the length of the fabric, thereby obtaining a square, we cut off the excess fabric and set it aside - it is useful for the belt. Fold the fabric in half so as to form a triangle. In this case, the fabric fold - this will be the bottom of the trousers, that is, we have to do only the side seams and process the waistband and cuffs of the legs.
  • Before proceeding to the seams, it is necessary to cut the corners, where the cuffs of the trousers are, for this (so that they come out the same) fold the fabric in half again and cut the corners with the base equal to ½ of the ankle girth and 8 cm.
  • In order to mark the waist, cut off the angle at the top of the triangle, with the base angle should be equal to ¼ the amount of girth of your waist and 10 cm. Cut at the right angle to the fold, which was done in step 2.
  • Now we expand the fold, which was made in step 2, the pattern is ready. We perform and process the side seams.
  • Prepare a belt and cuffs and then consider 2 options:
    • In case you want to make harem pants on a wide belt using a rubber thread. From the remnants of the fabric we make two cuffs and a belt of the necessary width and length. We connect the cuffs and the belt into rings and sew, the seams are ironed. Getting to the design header. For this, you should have a rubber thread in the bottom thread, the thread in the tone of the fabric should be the top thread, and you should choose a simple line (3-4 mm stitch length). Make the first seam when making the parts, retreating from the edge of 2 cm. Then bend the fabric along the first seam (so that the edge is neat), and start the stitch 1.5 cm below the new edge, continuing it in a spiral until you reach the bottom of the part. When the cuffs and waistband are ready, sew them onto the trousers, having preliminarily outlined, or pinned. Bloomers are ready!
    • Simple option. On the waist and on the cuffs, we tuck the fabric and sew it. In order to make a drawstring. In the ready-made drawstring insert gum.

Now you know how to sew trousers trousers. Wearing them once, you will not be able to refuse such comfortable clothes.