How to sew a pillow case?

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How to sew a pillow case?

Thinking about how to sew a pillowcase at home, every beginning seamstress is sure that it’s easier not to invent a task. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Cut two flat squares and sew them from three sides, this is not enough. The pillowcase is also sewn according to a specific pattern, taking into account the size of the pillow that will be put on and whether this pillow is decorative or for sleeping.

Choosing a material

First of all, when sewing pillowcases for the bedroom, you need to choose the right material. The first requirement that applies to it is the quality of the fabric. The main thing is that it should be natural. It is best to choose chintz, satin or coarse for such purposes. Some prefer satin and silk, but this is more of an “amateur” material, it’s difficult to work with them, and they are not suitable for beginner cutters. The peculiarity of sateen, calico and calico is that they are quite dense, 100% cotton, and therefore they will last for a long time without losing their original bright color.In order to understand how to sew a pillowcase on a pillow, you need to know its size. Standard pillows come in two sizes, they are 50x70 and 70x70. In order to sew a pillowcase, for example, on a 70x70 cushion, you need a piece of fabric 72 cm wide and 174 long. So, what's the extra centimeters? These are the so-called seam allowances, they are needed so that when the machine stitch passes and the pillowcase is screwed, no tears will form. The remaining 30 cm is a fabric for a special valve. It is necessary so that the pillow itself is not visible, perhaps in the old manner, using buttons, but this is all to nothing and only complicates the work. When the fabric is ready, it must be laid and stitched in places that will remain free, not sewn to another part. So they will not gab. There is a lot of material on the Internet that helps to sew a pillowcase, there is also plenty of video on this topic. However, even without this, it is clear that having folded the two halves with a length of 70 cm, they must be stitched on a sewing machine. After unscrew the product, lay the valve on top and also stitch on the left side. It will turn out some kind of envelope in which the pillow then will be put.Loose seam allowances should be stitched with a zigzag stitch. If it is not on the machine, then it is quite possible to go through the seam "goat" manually. Here is an ordinary pillowcase and ready.

The question of how to sew a decorative pillowcase is solved in a similar way. The difference can only be that sometimes there is not even a pillowcase that fits under the pillow, but a pillow under the pillowcase. For example, having a beautiful embroidery of non-standard size, you may want to make a pillow out of it. The process is similar to ordinary sewing, only here for the back of the pillow it is better to choose something like tapestry fabric or linen material, an atlas will also be appropriate.

Sew a pillowcase - the task is simple and takes very little time, the main thing here is the desire.