How to sew a ball gown?

Every little girl cherishes in her soul the dream of becoming a princess. Ride on a gilded carriage, dispose of many servants, and, of course, attend secular receptions. Is a ball without a ball gown possible? Unfortunately, in real life, a girl can wear a ball gown or an evening dress only a few times. At the prom in school, college, and at their own wedding. But what to do if you suddenly received an invitation to a costume celebration, but no dress. You can sew it yourself. In this article we will look at how to sew a ball gown with your own hands.

Sewing evening dress

The dress can be sewn from different fabrics, but the satin looks the most effective. Let's look at how to quickly sew an open, evening dress. Initially decide on the choice of model. After that, you can take up the pattern.

Take off your measurements of the chest, neck. Measure the length of the dress and shlek. Then fold the fabric so that the cut is even. And from it put off the measure of the length of your dress (not taking into account the neck).Draw a line perpendicular to the horizontal. The length of the harnesses will be deposited from it. Horizontally lay the width of the product.

To beautifully sew parts of the workpiece, use a sewing machine (overlock or zigzag). Do not forget to gash bottom cut. And remember that evening dress can not be short. If the style of the dress is chosen correctly, then it will emphasize all the advantages of your figure, and hide the flaws.

Ball gown for girls

When each mother is faced with the question of choosing children's clothing, she sighs heavily. Immediately it represents how she will go shopping in search of the right color, size or style for her beloved baby. But what seems simple at first glance turns out to be quite complicated. That does not fit in growth, it presses in the chest, then everything seems to be fine, but the color is not to the face. Let us consider in detail how to make a ball gown for a girl. To sew it is not difficult and it is even pleasant to do this kind of work.

  • We start, as always, with a choice of fabric. The main thing is that the dress should not be pricked, not “bite”, but be soft and pleasant to the touch. To make your little princess feel cozy and comfortable, it is better to choose soft knitwear.
  • We do not recommend decorating a dress with rhinestones or beads, since your baby can tear off and try to taste a small, shiny particle.
  • There is a very large number of models of children's dresses. But we must remember the most important rule. Dress should be comfortable. Snake is better to do the back and more. After all, kids do not like when they dress.
  • If it is very difficult for you to make a pattern, then there is an option that will help ease the task. To do this, you need to rip the old, unnecessary blouse of your baby, and the pattern, the top of the suit, is ready.
  • How to sew a ball gown with a fluffy skirt? Make a pattern is not difficult. You need to cut out a rectangle (width - four hips circumference), you need the length. To create a belt, you need to add a meter to the waist volume (we take into account the presence of a bow), and the width will be from two to four centimeters. If you sewed a zipper at the back, but it turned out to be very long and you shortened it, then do not forget to sheathe the lower end with a ribbon of the same fabric as the dress. And that is the risk of scratching the child.

Sewing dresses for ballroom dancing

You were invited to the ball, but no dress? Then we will help you find a way out of this difficult situation, and we will show you how to sew a dress for ballroom dancing at home.In order to realize our fantasy, we need only a sewing machine, fabric, patterns, decorations and small details.

Initially, let's define the style of the dress. If modern ballroom dancing is meant, then the choice is quite large. But if you are invited to a costume party, then your appearance should be matched by the dress code.

Study the fashion guides. Visit special sites. Once in the style decided, you can do patterns. For beginners, we can advise you to ask for help in a special tailoring studio. There you will be helped to draw the necessary patterns. Even in our time there is a huge number of magazines on sewing, where ready-made patterns are also placed, and a detailed description of how to make them.

Imagine in your mind exactly how your dress will be. Now calling this picture into memory, you will create it step by step. Turn on your imagination and add brightness and color to the dress with stones, rhinestones and beads. You can also add ribbons, bows, as well as buy a lace umbrella, or a fan to help complete the picture.

Remember that everything should be matched to the tone, and harmoniously combined with each other. Note that this job requires attention and perseverance. Know that the process must start from the main work. This tailoring skirt and bodice. Small details are sewn last.

Be sure to try on the dress at every stage of its creation. Ready outfit needs ironing. After your dress is sewn, you can begin to sew jewelry.

You see, there is nothing difficult to sew the ball gown itself.